A Very Westside Thanksgiving

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The oreo filling was red!

The oreo filling was red!

In case you’re staying on campus this turkey day, there’s always Westside around for your food-coma needs. Bwog sent Senior Staff Writer Alexander Pines to scope out this year’s offerings. 

Not going to lie, I was expecting something weirder out of the place that brought me “Oreos Pancakes” (in other words, soggy oreos covered in soggy pancake-esque batter. I ate one cold, microwaved one, and put one on a cookie sheet in the oven…still nasty as hell). However, when I edged my way into Westside for Thanksgiving ingredients, I happily found most of the essentials gathered in one place (keep in mind that my culinary abilities are restricted to Kraft mac n’ cheese and the occasional extravagant PB&J).

For the culinarily challenged, Westside has definitely got you covered with boxed stuffing, canned veggies, and cranberry sauce/jelly (and even have a handy pre-made Thanksgiving menu available at the register). For everyone else, there’s the usual selection of ridiculously overpriced groceries and cookies for pre-finals munching, although prepare for longer lines than usual. Also, they take flex.

Rip off the plastic, cover in foil, and presto! Homemade pie from Aunt Maria!

Rip off the plastic, cover in foil, and presto! Homemade pie from Aunt Maria!

Or, of course, you could just buy ten different kinds of cheese.

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  1. Sad Alum

    Ok, not gonna lie, the memory of food on campus actually makes me feel a little better about my current life situation

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