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We all know what is happening here.

We all know what is happening here.

Having been neglected of late, Bwog is proud to bring back BwogSex, our on-again off-again sex series addressing questions, anecdotes, advice, and anything pertaining to the erotic. Since Bwog can only work with what we’ve got, please be sure to share your loud-sex stories, conquests, musings, or questions via our anonymous tip form

Q: So how okay is it to masturbate in the shower. Like is it only okay if you clean up after yourself? It’s at an abnormal shower time? You have an arrangement with your suitemates? It isn’t one of those crappy broadway showers with nothing but a flimsy curtain between you and the rest of the floor? You keep the moaning to a minimum? Is it wrong to use the handicapped stall?

Brought it up with someone and they were disgusted. But reallly, who doesn’t?

Sincerely, Sexless and Shameless

A: Dear Sexless and Shameless,

Your question has been of much debate at Bwog, and has lead to many a theoretical and philosophical musings. Instead of giving you a single answer, we have complied a list of Bwog Staff answers:

  • Once you own a single bedroom apartment, you have the authority to masturbate in the shower.
  • I’ve jerked in every shower I’ve used.
  • I think it would be better, honestly. Less to clean up.
  • Is it as weird for girls to masturbate in the shower?
  • Shower is a free zone yall. Free zone.
  • I think it depends if it’s a suite shower or hall shower.
  • Wear flip-flops.
  • A-OK, masturbation is healthy.
  • If you are sharing said shower with others, even if you clean up after yourself, the principle of sharing a space has been violated.
  • It’s completely okay to masturbate in the shower as long as you don’t tell anyone.
  • My friend just said he was worried he would clog the drain…
  • It doesn’t matter if no one talks about it and as long as your shower does not exceed 30 minutes. And make sure you clean the drain afterwards of hair and all other bodily materials if necessary.

So there you have it. While there may not be a single answer, the consensus seems to be that shower masturbating, showerbation if you will, is completely normal, and happens a lot more than you think. Like every day. Sometimes twice a day.

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  1. Disgusted

    Wear flip-flops.

  2. anon

    Safety tip for everyone just pee after you flick the bean/jerk it so you dont get a UTI. Peeing in the shower is fun too!

  3. Sad Alum

    Feeling better and better about being away from campus

  4. Blunts in Butler

    I usually hotbox my suite shower while I'm jerking.

  5. Anonymous  

    Fuckin' hell, Columbia*

    *And Barnard if they're into that shit too.

  6. But like

    Is there really a point in moaning if you're by yourself?

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