2 Soon 2 Satire: Orgo Night Ahead

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Perhaps you’ve spotted some already, but the Orgo Night posters are up around campus. (They’re on ceilings and windows and walls and obviously they all want you to attend Orgo Night.) And just so you don’t miss any, here they all are for you to enjoy.

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  1. Ismail Haniyeh  

    Where is the mention of the Gaza Strip Club? Its omission is a Zionist-Imperialist plot to deny Palestinian nationhood!

  2. Charlie  

    I'd like this but I'm illiterate so I don't know what it means

  3. Anonymous

    Hater: "Let's face it Columbia, you peaked!"

    Columbia: "You think I peaked? Peaked? Let me tell you something... I haven't even BEGUN to peak. And when I do peak, you'll know. Because I'm gonna peak so hard that everybody in New York City is gonna feel it."

  4. Twerkin Trina  

    The Fast & Furious one is just in bad taste. Have some respect. Poor soul isn't even buried yet.

  5. Paul Walker?  

    too soon :(

  6. Anonymous  

    go home Bill you're drunk

  7. Anon  

    I heard that CUMB made that Paul Walker poster a week ago. 2Spooky4Me

  8. Bill O'Reilly  

    The CUMB are pinheads.

  9. TOO SOON!  

    Have we lost all sense of our humanity? How can people on this campus bear witness to such cruelty and senseless non-violent comedy without saying anything? Beyond that, to joke about someone so influential and so talented - it's just wrong. No one made jokes about Ryan Dunn because he was an artist. The same should be true Walker. If Ke$ho were here he'd put an end to this madness.

    Fuck you CUMB.

  10. Agreed  

    And even though our football team was buried 3 weeks ago it still feels like it's too soon. Only CUMB would piss on their perfect season like this. So sad :(

  11. PrezBo

    Looks hot on MiCy's bod

  12. unemployed idiot  

    help i need a job someone plz hire my stinky ass. my ugly wife beats me ereryday bc i come home drunk & with no money for rent. my illiterate children treat me like shit plz give me job to support my shitty ugly family. thx.

  13. everything is relative..  

    this year's posters are so mild

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