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Multiple tipsters have spotted a film crew on campus, complete with a fake Greek cart, costume racks, tech equipment, and lots of crew chairs. Supposedly they’re filming a TV show called “Black Box.” Let us know if you have any more info, especially about celebs, by sending tips to!

Update (10:28AM): Tipster alerted Bwog with some information on the actors:

“The most noteworthy person in the show would be Kelly Reilly (red head from “Flight” (drug addict/Denzel’s love interest) and “Sherlock Holmes” (Watson’s wife)). ¬†Right now Reilly (Elizabeth Black in the show) and costar Ditch Davey (Dr. Marc Bickman) are filming outside Lerner.”

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  1. Anonymous  

    saw the Greek cart! didn't know it was fake until I read this article :-(((

  2. Anonymous GS  

    Does anyone know where the money for this kind of stuff goes? Assumedly they pay to film here, and some of that covers extra security needed, but what about the rest of it?

  3. CUFP VP  

    Think they need PAs???

  4. CC 15

    so no Vanessa Redgrave then? because I think she's in this show.

  5. cynical mood  

    Wait, so the series is about a neuroscientist and they're dressing Lerner as a neurscience research center, which I guess would be where she works... does that mean they plan to use Lerner as a resurring location?! O.o

    • anon  

      It's probably going to be like Princeton and the show House. They film the front of Lerner for a recurring shot of whatever a neuroscience treatment facility is supposed to be, and the rest is just a set.

      • cynical mood  

        But, aside from the b roll aerial sots of princeton, all of House was shot in NBC studios. With this they were filming scenes inside Lerner. I would assume they just do that for a pilot but seeing as the series is already comissioned...

        This is a totally late response I don't know if anyone still cares

  6. Alum

    It also goes to facilities and groundskeeping.

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