Now Watch Me Yuuuule (Log Ceremony and Tree Lighting)

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The way this looks is how you'll feel at the ceremony. YUM

The way this looks is how you’ll feel at the ceremony. YUM

Well, it’s that time of year again folks.  That time that makes us feel warm, fuzzy, and excited about the possibility of gifts: finals time!  the holiday season!  And naturally that means the very exciting annual Tree Lighting and Yule Log Ceremony!

The lighting of the trees ceremony will begin at 6pm tonight at College Walk until 7pm. After the ceremony, festivities will move into John Jay Lounge for the Yule Log Ceremony.

If you need any more details, or just want to brag to everyone in their News Feeds that you’re attending the ceremony, visit the event’s Facebook page.

Awesome aspects of this event include:

  • Hot cider!
  • Toasts from the Deans!
  • Columbia swag (as if we weren’t born with enough)
  • Some musical performances including everyone’s favorite fight song!
  • Dessert!
  • A donation bin for Toys-4-Tots!
  • Santa hats for sale!
  • And the opportunity to watch remotely through this website: !

Bwog looks forward to seeing you all there.  And remember, this wonderful, exciting, warm, season only happens once a semeseter year! So come on down, take a break, and chug some cider, yo!

 Not sure if this is a Yule Log via Shutterstock

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  1. awesome  

    you posted about an event but failed to mention what time it's happening or provide any real pertinent information whatsoever.

  2. little humility wouldn't kill  

    We're born with enough swag? this is why people hate the ivy-league

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