Bwoglines: Pseudoscience + Pseudostudying Edition

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Two can play at the finals game ;)
Two can play at the finals game ;)

Bring it On.

It’s the last day of classes finally already? So have some Bwoglines.

Women in NYC prefer taller men, based on a rigorous polling of the boroughs and a blurb from some Columbia professor. Look, statistics, that means it must be true. (NY Post, Gothamist)

Finals really are killing you slowly: apparently caffeine shortens your DNA, and alcohol lengthens it. Maybe Bwog should do some research on this. (Science News).

NYC cockroaches can now survive freezing temperatures and therefore winter in the city. Is nowhere safe? (AP).

Finally, as it is indeed the last day of classes before those 3 make-up classes, please send in shit your profs say to as part of our Closing Remarks.

Are you ready? This woman from Shutterstock is.

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  1. That is not just SOME professor  

    That is THE BEST professor!

  2. Praetor  

    I'll take statistics over nonsensical bare assertions every day, especially on an issue that has been well-established for quite a while. It is a known fact that taller men have more children, which is part of the reason that the average human height has been increasing for quite a while. This effect has been observed in many studies.

    I don't understand why anytime a study shows that women have preferences and that men with certain characteristics are disadvantaged in the mating market, women immediately attempt to shoot it down. I suppose it must have something to do with the myth that men are shallow and that women are perfectly moral and angelic. The fact of the matter is that as a population, we have twice as many female ancestors as male ancestors: only 40% of men have ever successfully reproduced. This suggests that women are much more selective than men are. If you are permitted to have standards, then so are men. It's not a huge secret; everyone knows that women have standards.

  3. IJS...

    Um.. why does this Pseudoscience + Pseudostudying edition have a picture of a black woman? Is she a pseudo-student? There are generic photos of white people on bwog representing a variety of things. There's no generic white person that could not be studying? ijs

    • Rafal Fan?

      To say generic white person is redundant, the generic "person" has been white for far too long. It is refreshing to see a change, although one can harbor doubts if this is in any way comparable to other aspects of the cyberworld, where race is, I think, sometimes supposed to make, at least subconsciously, for part of the hilarity of a given meme or GIF. Nonetheless, on a prima facie intrepretation, Bwog can indeed be read here as promoting some sort of inclusivism in this particular instance, what would be an analogue of sorts to what Derrida calls hospitality. The veracity of the epistemic validity of this interpretation, of course, hinges on the question of whether Ockham's razor is applicable in instances that look like progress, or whether the reverse should be the case.

      In any case, who isn't a pseudo-student in some sense?

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