Two can play at the finals game ;)

Bring it On.

It’s the last day of classes finally already? So have some Bwoglines.

Women in NYC prefer taller men, based on a rigorous polling of the boroughs and a blurb from some Columbia professor. Look, statistics, that means it must be true. (NY Post, Gothamist)

Finals really are killing you slowly: apparently caffeine shortens your DNA, and alcohol lengthens it. Maybe Bwog should do some research on this. (Science News).

NYC cockroaches can now survive freezing temperatures and therefore winter in the city. Is nowhere safe? (AP).

Finally, as it is indeed the last day of classes before those 3 make-up classes, please send in shit your profs say to as part of our Closing Remarks.

Are you ready? This woman from Shutterstock is.