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Nine out of ten dentists recommend you watch the latest video that’s kind of about orgo, this time with musical references to  the Harlem Shake and other songs we’ve tried to forget about. Its rappers are decked out in Columbia University apparel and a shirt that reads, “I have nice abs”—naturally, its creators are current and former members of the swim team, including Alex Ngan, Zhaoqi Li, and Mitchell Veith. Watch.

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  1. seangodlike  

    3:46-3:48 is my favorite part

  2. I'm sure...  

    ….he has very nice antibodies.

  3. Anonymous

    iono can we talk appropriation of black culture

    • You try too hard  

      @Anonymous: Given that Iggy Azalea is white, no.

      • Yes  

        @You try too hard:

        she is white, you're right. incidentally, she's also from Australia and grew up watching American hip hop, and then reinvented an identity and even an ACCENT to appeal to American hip hop fans (she claims herself that there's no great fan base for hip hop where she's from). The way she speaks in interviews is noticeably different from the way she speaks in performances; code switching is fine and a critical aspect of cultural expression, but one should still pay attention to the fact Iggy IS in fact borrowing a particular mannerism from a cultural subset to make money.

        Tl; dr -- this video does not exemplify cultural appropriation, but if you read into Iggy Azalea's personal history you'll see that she totally does.

  4. truth  

    this was not funny at all. these kids are tools.

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