Business Insider Has the Audacity to Judge Us

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This is how BI wants you to feel

This is how BI wants you to feel

Business Insider, which is no prize pig itself, has declared Columbia University to have the ugliest student body out of the Ivy League. Although we’re #5 on DateMySchool’s “National Hotness Index,” we earned B-‘s on the crucial factors of “men” and “women”, according to data from College Prowler. Harsh. At least Columbia women can find consolation in the fact that they are still the “top choice for competent girlfriends.

Brown topped the list, with its girls and guys earning A’s and A-‘s, respectively, on Business Insider’s arbitrary and stupid “hotness” scale. Maybe we’d be better-looking too, if all our classes were Pass-Fail and we could decide to major in whatever the hell we felt like.

You know what? Maybe Bwog will take its ugly self somewhere else the next time we need business news. That logo and website design earn an A+ according to the data we collected on THINGS THAT ARE FUGLY!!!

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  1. first

    Looks like Princeton's cheerleaders don't miss many meal

  2. Anonymous  

    they were right tho lol we have the columbia scale, it only goes to 5.

  3. Anonymous  

    Don't worry people, if teen movies taught me anything we just all need to take off our glasses and then we'll be pretty.

  4. King  

    Sorry . . . I'll be graduating soon and then your average won't be skewed down anymore.

  5. Anonymous

    Columbia is the best

  6. Anonymous

    Bwog doesn't really need to post this, this is silly. Columbia, come on. Are you really that insecure?

  7. anon  

    but like, have you ever SEEN a princeton kid?

  8. Ra Ra Brunonia

    Brown students don't take all of their classes pass/fail. Just saying.

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