Another Year, Another Orgo Night/Midnight Breakfast Smashup

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What it says on the tin. When you need that study break tonight, the Columbia University Marching Band’s got you covered, as they do every semester. Orgo Night, Butler 209, 11:59 pm. Go groan at the lame jokes and tweet the good ones so we don’t have to. Snag a spot early.

And as always, accompanying Orgo Night is Barnard’s Midnight Breakfast: Breakfast in Wonderland. The lineup goes like: BC First-Years @ 11pm; All of BC @ 11:30pm; CU @ 12am, and the whole shindig is in the LeFrak Gymnasium.

Go to one, go to the other, go to both. Take a break. Laugh a little/eat a little. You deserve it.

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  1. Twitch

    I think I speak for the recent alumni community when I say:

    Bwog. Get the transcript as soon as possible. It's gonna be a slow day for me at work (I hope), and I need it.

    Twitch CC '13

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