Closing Remarks: Every Color Of The Rainbow

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Win at plies, win at life

Win at plies, win at life

Ahh, classes. Don’t they feel like they were so long ago? Sike, they were only three days ago. Here are some parting gems from your professors as they ushered you out of the nest into the great wide world ahead.

“Don’t play the two-handed economist. If someone asks for your opinion, give an opinion! There are two possibilities: you could be right or wrong. Big deal. Wrong is not a catastrophe.”
Shelley Weinig; Manufacturing Enterprise

[referring to a final paper] “You should stop thinking about it, it’s going to drive you mad.”
Austin E. Quigley; Drama, Theater, and Theory

“President Bush didn’t try so didn’t fail…he’s an exception in many ways.”
“In my first lecture on September 3, I talked about the possibility of the US bombing Damascus. It’s been a long time since then, you’ve all aged monumentally.”
Rashid Khalidi, History of the Modern Middle East

“At the end of the lecture, I will close out with what I call existential questions for you to ponder over winter break.”
(Some time later, he turns on a demo) “Well, I can’t explain this. I guess that’ll be one of our existential questions.”
Jeremy Dodd; Physics I

“This is like scratching your back by arranging for a bear to visit a honeypot while you happen to walk by naked.”
John Kender; Honors Intro to CS

“A ballet class is a lesson in life. If you focus on perfecting the little things in the everyday, then you can accomplish all your dreams.”
Kathryn Sullivan, Ballet

“Thanks for putting up with me…and…um…do your papers.”
Nico Baumbach

“You all have fun writing those papers that are due to me in 7 hours!”
Anonymous Film TA

“Spin is very magic, I’m not going to say much more about it.”
“I expect to see an infinitesimally small number of you in my particle astrophysics class next semester!”
Charles Hailey; Quantum/Classical Waves

“Oh you think Descartes was a dud? Don’t say that to the French!”
Yogesh Chandrani; CC

“It’s like I tell my kids: sometimes you’re sad, sometimes you’re happy…you’re every color of the rainbow!”
Virginia Cornish; Organic Chemistry

Closing dances via Wikimedia

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  1. Emyln Huges  

    "420 blaze4life"

  2. Or Seyhan Arkona

    "Happy Snow!"

  3. Anonymous  

    Adam Cannon, Python (ENGI 1006): “After this, you’ll probably make a GUI for your professor, and he’ll write you a killer recommendation, and you’ll get into the best grad school, or maybe here, and four years later, you’ll come out with a Ph.D. in your favorite engineering discipline. And then you’ll get a job at a hedge fund and retire two years later…or go to jail. That happens too.”

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