Freshman Year Checklist: The Mistakes to Make

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This is it. This is college done right.

This is it. This is college done right.

As a freshman first-year, there are  certain mistakes you need to make and times to have before those two semesters end. So as this first semester comes to a close, Bwog decided to compile these essentials so that you don’t miss anything big. There are

The distinctly freshman

  • Mistake your first friends at Columbia (NSOP) for your best friends…
  • Find the love of your life.
  • Realize that wasn’t the love of your life and college isn’t like in the movies.
  • Not really realizing that you might need to work for once in your life..
  • Assuming Butler is the only library.
  • Almost forgetting to sign up for a PE class
  • Be THAT freshman at a party (but only once)
  • Have CAVA (or whatever it’s called nowadays) on your speed dial.
  • Walk to Battery Park and back overnight (trust me, it’s dope)
  • Discovering the third floor reading room in Diana
  • Come out as ___________
  • Break up with your high school boy/girl/humanfriend
  • Awkward first office hours

The food-related

  • Get really excited about the dining halls
  • …(one week later) HATE the dining halls
  • Figuring out Joe’s is easily a two minute walk from Milbank or Diana
  • Go to Deluxe’s five dollars burger nights
  • Make friends with the halal guy on 115 near Schapiro
  • Midnight Breakfast (you get in first being a first-year, hollah)
  • Big Sub

The things that will most likely continue well past your first year

  • Actually going downtown one night instead of just staying in MoHo
  • Missing your L-course sign-up time
  • Panicked first email to a professor for an extension
  • Panicked second email to a professor for an extension
  • Be homesick.
  • Think about transferring.
  • Gain weight.
  • Combine drinking and studying by getting drunk in one of the secluded rooms with your friends. Multiple times.
  • Go crazy.
  • Be irresponsible.

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  1. cc senior  

    what's l-course sign up? guess i've been missing it.

  2. you're not missing anything  

    L-courses are just one of the many perks of eBear

  3. CC 16  

    Barnard* Freshmen Year Checklist

  4. So obvious  

    a barnard person wrote/compiled this lol

  5. D

    Having cava on your speed dial is pretty dang useful.

  6. MoHo?  



    just fucking kill me now

  7. Anon  

    It's always rather shocking to acknowledge that quite possibly Barnard students are a part of Columbia news organizations and maybe JUST MAYBE they contribute. But probs not. Too hard to fathom.

  8. Um  

    making friends with the halal guy on 115th isn't a mistake?

  9. Anonymous  

    wtf is MoHo?

  10. "moho"  

    is the most precious barnardism

  11. MoHo is wrong  

    It's supposed to be MoHi...Morningside Heights, fools, not Morningside Hots.

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