The Puppies are Coming, The Puppies are Coming!

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There will be tears.

There will be tears.

Yes, there is a thing called the Puppy Coalition. And yes, they are coming to a freshman dorm near you!

From 1:45pm-3:30pm there will be puppies in the John Jay and Furnald lounges. In addition there will be “crazy holiday crafts,” and something described as “back rubs” from a masseuse team called “Stressbusters” in John Jay.

Remember folks, the dogs will be split up in Furnald and John Jay lounges. There will be two shifts of pet partners, one starting at 1:45 pm and the other at 2:45 pm so that the dogs don’t get overwhelmed from all your lovin’. If there are too many people when you come by (especially at the beginning), check the other lounge or stop by later.


  • “Lucy” Cocker Spaniel
  • “Heidi” Bichon
  • “Satchmo” Pomeranian
  • “Papiko” Golden Retriever
  • “Bolly” Sheepdog
  • “Albus” Yorkie
  • “Beacon Belle” Standard White Poodle
  • “Biscotti” CairnTerrier
  • “Katara” Golden Retriever


  • “Penny” – Cocker Spaniel Mix
  • “Sisu” – Afghan
  • “Eva” – Maltese
  • “Rameses” OR “Nephertti” – Greyhound
  • “Jami” – Labrador Retriever
  • “Lulu”- Bull Dog
  • “Grace” – Labrador Retriever
  • “Xena” – Lab Mix
  • “Sobhre”- Afghan
  • ”Wally” – Havanese
  • “Boo” – Toy Poodle

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  1. ageism  

    any word on if these are actually puppies or just grown up dogs?

  2. Do we

    need to be signed in if we are Barnard?

  3. Anonymous  

    the only animal I like is myself

  4. Arsene Wenger /Christmas_implosion/ edition  

    I want a puppy :(

  5. Anonymous

    i've always found this thing kind of creepy

  6. Anonymous

    quick, someone call the puppy cops

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