Junior Year Checklist: Already Over It

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This is how fun junior year is.

This is how fun junior year is.

Everyone forgets about junior year. Freshman year is for #COLLEGE, sophomore year is for slumping, and senior year is for #COLLEGE round two. But what about junior year? Bwog’s got you covered. Here’s everything you need to get done before¬†ohmyGodI’maseniorhow’dthathappenI’msoOLD.

Embrace the Ennui

  • Change your sophomore “no fucks given” attitude to the more positively phrased but really exact same “que sera sera” attitude
  • Accomplish nothing of purpose/value because it’s junior year

Get “Serious” Academically

  • Take Art Hum/Music Hum, impress self with capacity for spewing meaningless bullshit
  • Realize how much more fun your major is once you can take electives and not just Core requirements
  • Add a concentration, drop said concentration, add another concentration
  • Take your first seminar; alternately, no longer feel weird about being the youngest person in your seminar
  • Master doing precisely the minimum amount of work to attain your desired GPA

Study Abroad…Or Not

  • Forget about study abroad deadlines; fail to study abroad
  • Study abroad; oversaturate social media with photographic evidence
  • Lie to your friends on campus about how many foreign guys you hooked up with on study abroad
  • Passive aggressively comment on friends’ Eiffel Tower/Big Ben/Gaudi prof pics

Eat Well

  • Drop the meal plan but spend all your money on beer/Chipotle/halal
  • Stop experimenting with Westside salads and stick to what’s fucking good
  • Learn how to cook at least three solid meals: pasta, pasta, and pasta

Get a Social Life

  • Begin spending vast majority of weekend nights drinking wine with three of your friends
  • Take a shot at 1020 for your/every one of your friends’ 21st birthdays
  • Throw a kegger or five in your sweet new (st)Ruggles digs
  • Have basically no sex and really bad sex when you do have it
  • Corollary: hook up with an underclassman, feel vaguely weird about it

Overjoyed upperclassmen courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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  2. Wow  

    The most accurate thing.

  3. i feel

    so unoriginal after reading these.. they are terrifyingly accurate

  4. BC '15  

    This is my life right now.

  5. Anonymous  



    Am I the only person who had glorious sex her junior year?

  7. fuuuck  

    how did you know about my concentration crisis...

  8. Underclassmen  

    Can confirm, it seems lately I've only hooked up with juniors...

  9. reality  

    pasta pasta pasta

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