Columbia’s Greek Rank Site Explodes

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Tau Mu Tau sounds like a farm song to teach to children

Registration for spring Panhellenic formal recruitment ended on Wednesday at midnight, and now PNMs (Potential New Members) will wait until early February to start the stressful four-day process. For the next month, they’ll search for the one sorority of the five that fits them best. In the interim, current sisters will try to represent their sororities as best they can.

If you’ve never heard of Greek Rank, it’s a website that posts Greek news and information as well as allows members to score frats and sororities at universities across the country. Columbia’s page wasn’t too active in rankings or comments until late December (though even now it only has around 200 posts, whereas the University of Alabama has approximately 20,000) when it began to explode with trolls and comments, some very eager—and some not so nice.

Check out the discussion for yourself, but here a few posts that stood out:

Topic from PNM: “If I wanted to be HOT I would have gone to San Diego State. Let’s embrace our geekyness. Don’t bash it. I LOVE being AWKWARD!!!”

Reply: “We don’t want girls who won’t show up to mixers or act awkward standing on the sidelines getting plastered.”

Reply to an unrelated topic: “okay, the two comments above are plain mean, offensive, and untrue. dg is hands-down the best sorority, and for some reason, every other sorority here feels the need to define itself in terms of why its NOT dg and why dg is bad. im in dg, and we have great sisterhood and absolutely do NOT choose new members based on looks and wealth. im sorry if the people who we end up getting along best with look a certain way and have certain financial situations. NOT OUR FAULT.”

Sorority life before the advent of the internet via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Anonymous ftw

  2. troll

    all of these comments are from trolls. they dont actually represent greek life or the sororities they are about at all. its just a joke by some non-greek students bored over break. i know because these students are me and my friends.

  3. Blunts in Butler

    Sorority girls need to get stoned more often. My door's always open, wanna come to Wien?

  4. lol dg

    lying through your teeth with that last comment.
    I just want you to reread this sentence again. And again. Because it totally underlines the problem with dg. This is why you're on the decline. If you refuse to look outside of your tiny, idiosyncratic circle you'll never evolve and your method of choosing will become unsustainable:
    " im sorry if the people who we end up getting along best with look a certain way and have certain financial situations. NOT OUR FAULT.”

  5. "Theta is the asian musician sorority"

    gold. pure gold.

  6. AOII has horrible member retention rates

    there's a reason why they keep emphasizing how many women decided to join last spring and don't talk about how many members they have right now... that's because people have been dropping left and right. High dues, no house, and poor sisterhood. Trust me, I'm speaking from personal experience.

  7. Anonymous

    coming from a sorority girl who smokes: everyone posting all the dumb shit on greekrank should go get stoned right now.

  8. Frat Bro

    Greek Life is so important amiright guys?

  9. sorority gallll

    true rankings:

    1. Theta
    2. SDT
    3. DG
    4. AOII
    5. AXO

  10. lol

    anyone who hates on DG is just jealous they can't be in DG #truth

  11. As a total Greek Life outsider,

    At least the women of AXO are nice.

  12. Anonymous

    why does no one realize how hurtful it is to make blanket statements about people's personalities because they belong to a specific group? this seems fairly basic...

  13. Zoolander

    Maybe there's more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking.

  14. truth

    no this is the true rankings:

    1. Theta
    2. DG
    3. SDT
    4. AOII
    5. AXO
    theta- 75% pretty girls, nice, some are bitchy, little diversity, some are wealthy, cliquey Barnard girls
    DG- 95% pretty girls, very few are fat but the fat girl(s) is/are wealthy, bitchy people and cliquey, no diversity, 80% are rich, no sisterhood really
    SDT- jewish, some asians, wealthy
    AOII/AXO- nice girls, good personalities, diverse

    overall, sororities at columbia are what you make of it

    • lol

      gotta love the aoii girls for being ambitious but putting themselves over axo literally makes no sense.

    • shut up aoii

      everyone knows you and "sorority galll" are the same person because of tracking... enter the 21st century and learn some very basic internet skills. I am not in a sorority (I know, hard to believe there's someone out there who cares about it who's not in one, but there ya go) and I find it completely and utterly appalling how you care so much about something as superficial as your image on some stupid website to put all the other sororities down. You are dead last on this campus (because you're the only ones who care and so ultimately you end up the biggest losers). I hope I never meet any of your sisters.

  15. Truth

    It is impossible to stigmatize sororities here since chapter sizes are around 200. Every house has members who are nice, mean, cool, uncool, attractive, unattractive, etc.

  16. Anonymous

    yeah I don't care about this

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