Tau Mu Tau sounds like a farm song to teach to children

Registration for spring Panhellenic formal recruitment ended on Wednesday at midnight, and now PNMs (Potential New Members) will wait until early February to start the stressful four-day process. For the next month, they’ll search for the one sorority of the five that fits them best. In the interim, current sisters will try to represent their sororities as best they can.

If you’ve never heard of Greek Rank, it’s a website that posts Greek news and information as well as allows members to score frats and sororities at universities across the country. Columbia’s page wasn’t too active in rankings or comments until late December (though even now it only has around 200 posts, whereas the University of Alabama has approximately 20,000) when it began to explode with trolls and comments, some very eager—and some not so nice.

Check out the discussion for yourself, but here a few posts that stood out:

Topic from PNM: “If I wanted to be HOT I would have gone to San Diego State. Let’s embrace our geekyness. Don’t bash it. I LOVE being AWKWARD!!!”

Reply: “We don’t want girls who won’t show up to mixers or act awkward standing on the sidelines getting plastered.”

Reply to an unrelated topic: “okay, the two comments above are plain mean, offensive, and untrue. dg is hands-down the best sorority, and for some reason, every other sorority here feels the need to define itself in terms of why its NOT dg and why dg is bad. im in dg, and we have great sisterhood and absolutely do NOT choose new members based on looks and wealth. im sorry if the people who we end up getting along best with look a certain way and have certain financial situations. NOT OUR FAULT.”

Sorority life before the advent of the internet via Wikimedia Commons