Another Familiar Storefront on its Way Out

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A little potent for our taste, but it'll do.

A little potent for our taste, but it’ll do.

So the storefronts of Morningside Heights have been doing quite a bit of changing recently. What with

we don’t know how much more not-so-Boringside we can handle.

Well, hope you’re sitting down, because it looks like longtime Morningside staple Columbia Cottage has reached the end of its days. According to the noticeably salty letter pictured below, managers at the Cottage haven’t been keeping up so well with their rent, and will be forced to close come late February.

The property is owned by St. John’s Owners Corporation (not surprising, given its location) and is just one example of MoHi rent prices forcing out smaller businesses (see: Cardomat). It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there.

Reactions among Bwog staffers have ranged from hysterically nostalgic to aggressively opportunistic:

“Farewell, fond memory of spiking free wine with vodka after a horrendous econometrics midterm.”

“It’s a shame. The people there are so nice, and they have random books (old CC bulletins, children’s picture books, and a UNIX tutorial.”

“Cottage is the worst. Pearls is basically the same thing, but with edible food and angrier waiters (99th and Amsterdam). Can we start a bring back P&W Sandwich Shop petition?”

There you have it. Stock up on your free, abundant, uncarded watery wine before it’s too late. Here’s hoping we get a Panera instead.

what a fun and sexy time for CU

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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous  

    I hope Vine shuts down next; the service there is atrocious.

  3. Plato

    Can we get a vegan place please? Remember, "the gods created certain kinds of beings to replenish our bodies...they are the trees and the plants and the seeds."

  4. King

    Panera would be awesome. Why have substandard, greasy nonsense when you can have standardized food? You know what you are getting with chains. I refuse to shop anywhere else.

  5. Anonymous  

    Good riddance to overpriced rubbish like Columbia Cottage that serves our admins instead of our students.

  6. NSOP Leader

    But where will I take my NSOP kids?

  7. Bwog, I hope you're being playfully ironic

    Panera...what kind of faux-bougie, white-trash kind of suggestion is that? I mean, I love over-priced, substandard bakery goods as much as the next guy, but Bwog, but Panera is just some Italian-sounding Missouri-based chain. Its like Haagendaz: German sounding, but actually based in the Bronx. I mean, I know you try to be classy Bwog but come on...Panera is sooooo lame.

  8. Columbia Cottage FAN

    lol I loved columbia cottage as much as the next guy but their service was atrocious...

  9. lazy college senior

    who the fuck still pays with checks? do they actually need to specify that you can't use mid-20th century forms of payment anymore?

  10. but

    the lunch specials... :(

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