Late Night IllumiKniti Strike

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Last night, as Bwog was wandering around and enjoying our last few hours of freedom before the start of classes, we stumbled upon some winter-wear adorned statues around campus. The culprits were members of Gosh Yarn It/the “IlluminKniti,” a club that, surprise, knits things. The hats and scarves carefully draped around Alexander Hamilton, Alma, the Barnard Greek games statue, and the random guy in Van Am Quad outside of the LLC were hand-knitted by the yarn-bombing crew. If you’re interested in honing your needle skills, they meet Sundays at 8 in the Lerner Piano Lounge.

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  1. lol  

    that's better than peeing on them at any rate

  2. GYI! member  

    Join our Facebook page:

    and email to get added to our mailing list

  3. Second year

    wondering why these groups always allow T.J. to escape unscathed...

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