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Twenty-three tons of cast bronze, but infinite weight in the tons of confusion it causes. Just what the heck is it?

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Happening in the World: British authorities arrested another suspect in the Parsons Green subway terrorist attack. (NY Post) Happening in NYC: A man is continually building and rebuilding a series of stone statues along the Hudson river in upper Manhattan. (NY Times) Happening on Campus: Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (aka CDCJ) is having its first open meeting […]

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There are too many statues on campus, and you definitely have too many suppressed emotions swirling in your head. Let the marble speak for you. You walk through campus, and they are watching you. You can feel their eyes following you as you pass, tracing your path from Kent to Lerner and back to Butler. […]

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Last night, as Bwog was wandering around and enjoying our last few hours of freedom before the start of classes, we stumbled upon some winter-wear adorned statues around campus. The culprits were members of Gosh Yarn It/the “IlluminKniti,” a club that, surprise, knits things. The hats and scarves carefully draped around Alexander Hamilton, Alma, the […]

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Well, this is embarassing. A North Korean long-range rocket launched this morning broke up after launch, raising many eyebrows and more than a few guffaws. (CNN) Core references in real life! Well, in a movie at least. (New Yorker) Not so fast, international censorship laws. (AKAScope) NASA might have found life on Mars! In 1976… […]

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A concerned member of the Columbia Fashion Police (also known as the Oxymoron Squad) has alerted Bwog to Alexander Hamilton’s new accessory. It’s certainly fetching, but is it a political statement? That depends on whether it’s meant to be an army patrol cap, a newsboy cap, or (the likeliest candidate) a brimmed tam o’shanter.  This also might just be the latest way […]

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Bwog doesn’t seem to remember these guys being in the 117th St. median a couple of days ago. We’re hardly experts on statuary, so we’ll throw this one to the readers–weird new Barnard sculptures: thumbs up or thumbs down?

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Someone who must truly adore the sculpture Tight Rope Walker (on the bridge over Amsterdam) has placed a mattress spraypainted with the words “Just in Case” beneath (thanks to Noam Harary for the photo). Bwog guesses that, after thirty years without a spotter, the spindly statuettes can finally relax. Unless they fall in, um, any other direction…  

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Bwog correspondents Mark Holden and James Williams report that someone has provided Alexander Hamilton with some fine new headwear.

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