Overheard: Frohdian Slip

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Shutterstock apparently has more than puppies

Shutterstock apparently has more than puppies

We overheard two gentlemen at the Columbia bookstore buying their books for CC, and it doesn’t seem like they know what they’ve signed up for.

Guy: I’ve got to buy two more books for CC, one’s called Three… Jinnies… and the other is by… Frehd, Frawd… Frohd? 
Guy’s friend: How do you spell that? 
It’s not like we don’t understand… In such a psychologically taxing environment as Columbia it’s very hard to hold difficult penises in your mind.

…pronunciations. We meant pronunciations.

Disapproval via Shutterstock

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  1. Anonymous  

    The book might be written by one of those, but I think these kids should sign their work this semester as 'Fraud.'

  2. Anonymous  

    90 Agorot? That stamp is cheap as fuck.

  3. equal opportunity freudian slips  

    I read that tag as "vagina woolf"

  4. Twerkin Trina  

    ohhhhhh bros

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