Get a Job with Bwog: Résumé MadLibs!

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See that, that's what opportunity looks like!

See that, that’s what opportunity looks like!

Bwog’s career specialist, Zachary Hendrickson, thinks about the future and asks himself why he didn’t just save money and go to state school.

As Bwog looks out at a job market that looks at best like a Surrealist nightmare painted by the great Salvador Dali and at worst like an exact replica of Dante’s Inferno as conceived by Disney’s Imagineers, we decided it was time to step up our professional game. Time to do more than obsessively check LinkedIn! Enough of this LionShare craziness! We’re a goin’ job huntin’!

So back by popular demand dire necessity is the famous Bwog MadLib. Our crack team of career professionals have devised a handy tool that will allow you to land the job you’ve always dreamed of (read: something that will hopefully provide enough money to allow you to continue living on this Earth). After that, we present to you our own resume, which we’ve already sent to potential employers.

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  1. formatting!  

    If only this were formatted to look like a *real* resume... it looks sloppy; which may be the point (form = content?), but it just looks awk.

  2. Disgruntled Senior  

    I wish I'd gone to a state school. People ask me what Columbia's like. I say "overpriced and overrated."

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