Remember When The Roster on CourseWorks Was A Thing?

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"I'm taking Econ with Greycrown Noname #1 and Greycrown Noname #2 and Greycrown Noname #3 and..."

“I’m taking Econ with Greycrown Noname #1 and Greycrown Noname #2 and Greycrown Noname #3 and…”

Because it’s that magical time of the year when Bwog wants to make sure we know at least one kid in our massive Russian lit lecture (what? Don’t hate on Tolstoy), we sent Features Editor Alexander Pines to CourseWorks-land in order to find out why your roster page likely has nothing but grey faces. Here’s what he found.

Remember when New CourseWorks became New New CourseWorks (which is just called CourseWorks, unless you have a question, in which case you’re still emailing New CourseWorks, but that’s beside the point) and the shiny new Roster feature was unveiled? In the early days of the revamp, you could click “roster” and see the names and UNIs of everyone in your prospective classes, which was great for stalking that cute guy with short brown hair who wears oxfords and jeans in your Econ class and for seeing how many of your friends would be in your seminars and lectures without, well, actually talking to your friends.

However, this feature has basically been rendered useless after, according to Communications Director for CUIT Jessie Kalay, several schools and deans reached out to change the system to be “opt in” rather than the existing “opt out” in the name of preserving the privacy of students. This change happened in the spring of 2013 and has not affected an instructor’s ability to see enrolled students’ name, ID photo, and UNI.

Unfortunately, it would appear that there isn’t any way to just have your name and not your photo show up in the roster (in case you’re me and Columbia wouldn’t let you change your ID photo without a fee, or you dislike your photo for another reason), but if you don’t mind letting your classmates see the glory that was your shining prefrosh face, here’s how to opt in:

  1. Log in to CW (you should know how to do this by now)
  2. Click “Profile” under My Workspace in the left navigation. If you don’t see it, click “My Courses” in the top right corner
  3. Click on “Privacy” in the Profile section
  4. Check the box next to Show Official Photo and click the “Save settings” button.

Happy FB stalking!

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  1. Stalker101

    This is hella lame. Like how am I gonna stalk up on them cuties in class? It's socially awkward as it is, and yea it might be hella creeps that I want to stalk ppl's interests before I talk to them, but otherwise its mad hard to start conversations, you get me? This is such a fucking tease, show me the names Columbia! Like if I'm obviously in a lecture course for a non-essential gen ed, I'd like to keep myself entertained. Not saying you should have to put up your photo, but if I can find you in the directory, why can't I find you in my class?

    • Sarah Faith  (Bwog Staff)

      Well, if you still want to be able to stalk just a little.... To check to see if someone is in your section, assuming you know their first, middle, or last name, you can type that into the search bar and click "find." If they are in your section, a single blank picture will pop up, and it will say "Currently showing 1 participant." But this isn't very useful except for checking on the enrollment status of people you already know, so fuck CourseWorks.

  2. Attempt at Serious Response  

    Yes, this is a lot of fun for stalking, but am I the only one who found it /genuinely/ useful? I cannot tell you how many times I

    1) didn't befriend someone I was in classes with because I was embarrassed of having forgotten their name

    2) had a last minute moment of regret that I hadn't asked Guy-With-Whom-I-Always-Snarkily-Comment-On-The-Lecture-While-We're-Walking-Out-Of-Class for his name, because I needed someone to email me the questions for tomorrow's midterm/final/section

    3) seriously didn't hit on a guy I liked because I couldn't find out if he's gay or not via Facebook (you call it 'stalking', I call it 'making sure I don't get punched in the face').

    Well, it wasn't /that/ many times, but it was a couple of times.

    And it pisses me off that "several" deans can push to change this because of some privacy concern (that I don't recall was ever actually voiced by the students), whereas when I send "several" emails to Hartley Hospitality Desk asking them to come fix my broken radiator in the middle of January I get nothing.

  3. Well done,

    > "that cute guy with short brown hair who wears oxfords and jeans in your Econ class "

    Make that Econ/English and you successfully have every guy at the university lookin over their shoulder wondering if it's them

    Then realizing they're an idiot a couple seconds later...

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