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oops cut off our forehead
oops cut off our forehead

The new face of Courseworks

The next Mark Zuckerberg works in CUIT, and he’s created a social network exclusively for Columbia students. This isn’t your grandmother’s Courseworks, with its “graphical log-in.” This is a cutting-edge social network.

Every Columbia student now has a profile (just click on “Profile” under “My Workspace”). Here, you can list “Personal Information” (favorite TV shows, favorite quotes, links to other social networks), upload pictures, and post 140-character status updates. You can also add classmates as “connections” by searching their names—but only official Columbia names, so you’re William, not Bill—or shared interests.

Or you could take advantage of the site’s best new feature: “roster.” Roster lets you see the names of all the students in each of your classes—and you can do that now, by clicking “Next Semester.” You can also see their pictures if they’ve enabled that in Courseworks’ privacy settings–making finding your next date that much easier. (Unlike most networks, Courseworks’ default privacy settings are extremely strict: even your friends aren’t allowed to see your favorite TV shows or send you messages.)

Like all good social networks, Courseworks also has games, though there’s only one and it’s only for professors. CUIT says that course instructors can play “Facebook flash cards” (subtle, right?), which lets them view their students’ pictures and try to guess their names. It even keeps score, reminding professors just how many students never went to office hours.

Courseworks is so good that we figure it’s only a matter of time until the playboy venture capitalists come calling, whispering in CUIT’s ear that it’s not cool if the site only goes down a million times during finals. Until then, we’ll be uploading inappropriate pictures and friending everyone we know.

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  1. Tyler Durden

    I heard from my source at CUIT that Columbia Admirers was contracted for CourseWorks 3.0. Including separate uploads page for nudy pics and optional webcam connectivity ;)

  2. Anonymous


  3. haha

    this is the work of specsucks. #lejun

  4. Anonymooose

    This makes Myspace look good.

  5. Anony-miss

    mark fuckerburger should quit while he's ahead and stop giving head.

  6. Anonymous

    The flashcard game has been around for a while

  7. Whoa

    That roster feature would have made my life soooo much easier in the past

  8. Anonymous

    There seem to be a lot of Asian siblings in my classes

  9. omigod

    this might have the worst search engine algorithm in human history. it actually gets LONGER as you type in a longer search string!

    and good luck finding non-WASPy names on there

  10. A

    Are we starting an argument over whether Barnard is part of Columbia, again? Why must every thread descend into this?

  11. Optional

    Almost as bad a google+

  12. Optional

    almost as bad as google+

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