COÖP To Accept Barnard Students

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BFFs for lyfe after one week

The administrative leader of COÖP—a.k.a. the Columbia University Outdoor Orientation Program, a.k.a. that program where prefrosh go into the wilderness and come out best friends—has made the decision that the program will accept Barnard students. COÖP has, since it began in 1983, not been integrated with Barnard, and many COÖP-ers have expressed concerns about the impact of allowing the Barnard student population to apply, given COÖPs limited space for incoming students and its commitment to having equal numbers of each gender in the program. However, it seems that the administrative leaders at least have overcome those concerns in favor of fostering connections between pre-frosh from the different colleges.

Reactions to the decision to incorporate Barnard students were mixed among COÖP leaders. Nathaniel Braffman, CC ’14 and a former COÖP coordinator, says, “This idea is not a new one, but it finally gained traction this year after several Barnard students expressed interest in starting their own version of COÖP.”

Braffman says the debate among current COÖP leaders centered on the pros and cons of full integration into the existing program, or how COÖPers might best support Barnard students in starting their own program. “Personally, I’m a fan of full integration–something similar to the CUE model–but if Barnard students want to start their own outdoor orientation program, I’m confident that future coordinators would be happy to help them.”

Now it’s up to the Barnard’s Student Life office to decide how the integration will take place and work out the financial and administrative details. This means that the change will not be evident any time in the immediate future.

Because this decision was made by the administrative leadership of COÖP and not the student leaders, reactions are mixed. Will there be too many women in COÖP now? Will Columbia College women stand a lesser chance of getting into the program? Is gender real?

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  1. They don't even go here  

    sheesh they already can apply for CUE...this is going to mess up the ratios and chances for Columbia students to be a part of the program.

  2. seriously  

    why. really though are they columbia undergraduates or barnard undergraduates. four years later and i'm still really confused.

  3. barnard doesnt deserve it  

    wtf why. they dont even go here. get your own preorentation program jeez

  4. trigger warning

    trigger warning: I am so not donating to this fucking pussy school. what? were the barnard girls' feels hurt so they need to be included? well, they should have got into columbia. stop being radical kunts. these barnard girls and affirmative actors are pussifying the columbia administration because they're too weak to earn things without asking for special privileges. it's not the world's job to make you comfortable - especially if you don't deserve the right to go to columbia, it does not mean you ought to get columbia privileges. even if some pussified columbia affirmative actor says otherwise (since they dont deserve to be at columbia anyway as they don't understand the meaning of hard work and therefore cant understand why they should feel so ardently about this)

  5. anon  

    Damn i wish i was a freshman next year, dat ratio is gonna be dope yo. Having freshman girls fight over you to get their first college sex is the best thing in the world

  6. Everyone should have equal rights  

    to shit in the woods

  7. Anonymous  

    It's super annoying and confusing and creates too much drama.

  8. CC'13

    Whether or not you are being serious or you are joking (in which case, this is a bad joke and in very, very poor taste), I think if you think this way, Columbia is better off without your money. And yes, that Columbia includes Barnard.

  9. CC 4 lyfe

    I don't get why SEAS is allowed in coop..

  10. BÖP Coördinator  

    Great article! I think it's worth emphasizing that this is just a decision made on Columbia's end, and Barnard's approval is still needed for integration to take place. We've been getting lots of emails from adventurous Barnard students eager to join our leader community, and unfortunately we won't be able to accept Barnard leaders or pre-frosh this year. It'll take a while for Barnard's administration and risk-management office to decide if they want to take on the liabilities and financial risks associated with a program like COÖP.

    For now, sit tight and keep your fingers crossed. We're hoping to see you soon! :)


  11. Anonymous  


  12. Columbia Girl/Barnard Ally  

    Of course, one of the only posts on bwog with lots of comments is the one regarding Barnard. Before even clicking on the comments, I thought to myself "oh boy, here we go again." You all know what I'm talking about, this Barnard/Columbia petty rivalry. Get over yourselves!!!

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