Fuck, Kill, Marry: The Core

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Somewhere between Homer and Thucydides, we started evaluating Lit Hum characters based not off the timeless themes of eternal glory and homecoming, but off how shitty they are as people and how good they’d be in bed. Actually, tbh that’s how we always evaluated the great works; that’s why our papers were always graded so well. Here are the results.

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  1. Anonymous

    did that one guy have notes prepared???

  2. when  

    the bleep was this filmed. it looks so warm out

  3. Bwog's a nerd  

    It's Kill, Fuck, Marry. KFM. Come on.

  4. Anonymous  

    This is the Best

  5. anon  

    Wow the wind is such a great thing to listen to. I'm glad bwog choose to use it for sound instead of what people were saying

  6. Wut

    did that guy say toward the end that everyone laughed at?

  7. bhangra heights boy

    are you single??

  8. LoF  

    Can you film this every day until every Columbia student has been asked and then we can watch the days worth of footage instead of doing our homework?

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