How to Avoid Awkward Eye Contact: The Definitive Guide

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we hate people.

There’s been a lot of talk lately about fostering community on campus. ¬†Here at Bwog, we couldn’t care less have other priorities, namely, avoiding the cringe-worthy awkwardness that comes with making eye contact with people you just really don’t want to say hi to.

So for everyone who just can’t bear another uncomfortable encounter on your way to class with that hookup from last weekend, the floor mate you haven’t talked to since freshman year, or a classmate from CC you only sort of know, take a look at this highly useful flowchart courtesy of Bwog:

the fake text is the worst

We hate people too.

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  1. ugh

    this is the kind of humor that makes students feel lonely and anxious for four years - poor taste, bwog

  2. seriously  

    if you're too insecure to say a quick hi or even move toward making eye contact with someone from your freshman dorm or CC class (regardless of whether they reciprocate) I feel sorry for you. grow up. at the very least, laugh it off and be the bigger person.

  3. edit  

    immature* not insecure would be the better word choice

  4. really?  

    why is it so hard to smile and wave at someone? I don't care if they're a past hookup or your fucking best friend. It's really not that hard, and the gesture is worth more than you know.

    really. grow up

  5. dafasdfadsf  

    ugh. it's things like this that make columbia such a cold place.

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