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Fainan Lakha, ladykiller

Valentine’s Day approacheth! Today’s Columbians looking for love are Fainan Lakha, Aria Sharma, and Laura Fisher. Fun fact about Fainan: when he’s not working as a daily editor for Bwog, he’s moonlighting as a sweater vest model! If you want to take any one of these awesome humans on a date, email us and we’ll set it up (and give you ten whole dollars to take ‘em out). If you don’t, we still think you deserve a shot at love. Fill out our short questionnaire and send a picture to and the face to the right could be yours.

Name, Year, School, Major: Fainan Lakha, CC ’17, Philosophy or Middle East, South Asia, and Africana Studies…and yeah, I write for bwog.

Preference: Guy for girl

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: We meet. We talk. We stop talking.

What redeems you as a human being? I’m just really invested and enthusiastic about whatever’s in the moment… to a fault, perhaps.

Library room of choice: I love the Edward Said memorial library in Butler; it’s a cozy cove full of the best books and vibes and sometimes the annotations on those old tomes hold the lost wisdom of theorists of yore and sometimes they hold old newspaper clippings which is cool, too.

Beverage of choice: Wine (esp. spanish rioja) for the high times and scotch for  when I feel like donning a vest the quiet times.

Guilty Pleasure Song: Work Bitch. (my butler anthem)

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? The part I always remember is drunkenly reflecting on the evening on my walk back from wherever the hell I was. Cool night air is cool, too.

Historical Hottie? Meera is who I’d say. She was a 16th Century Indian mystical poet who just basically wrote about how much she loved Krishna all the time. There’s something sexy about that much love for the feeling of… love.

Westside aisles are far to narrow for this frivolity

Aria Sharma


Name, Year, School, Major: Aria Sharma, BC ’15, Biology

Preference: Classy broad seeking eligible young gentleman

Hometown: I say DC, but I really mean McLean, VA

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: I vomited; he still tried kissing me.

What redeems you as a human being? I cried after seeing The Lion King on Broadway. Evidence that I have a heart. And feels and emotions and things.

Library room of choice: Ah, studying. Is that why I’m here?

Beverage of choice: Gin. It’s a food group.

Guilty Pleasure Song: All of them. Key favorites include “IMDABES” and “Dancing On My Own.” Warning: Ke$hAria occasionally makes appearances.

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? Every good night starts out sitting on the steps.

Historical Hottie: Atticus Finch…By which I mean Gregory Peck.


Laura Fisher


Name, Year, School, Major: Laura, 2014, CC, Political Science

Preference: Girl for guy

Hometown: I was born in Perth, Australia and then we moved around a lot. I went to high school in Chicago, so let’s go with that!

Your nightmare date in seven words or fewer: This happened: “How would you feel about a boyfriend who’s your slave?”

What redeems you as a human being? I can tell a good story. And I can find Waldo in under 10 seconds.

Library room of choice: You can find me in the Ref Room. I have a knack for showing up right when a seat opens up.

Beverage of choice: Coffee. Red wine. Gin and tonic (extra lime). (Would those be good lyrics to a song?)

Guilty Pleasure Song: It’s got to be Lana Del Rey’s “Ride.”

Where can you usually be found on a Saturday night? It’s senior year- 1020.

Historial Hottie: Not to be awkward, but young Stalin and Ayatollah Khomeini were real lookers. Also Brahms and Hemingway and just about every Civil War soldier.

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  1. "I vomited; he still tried kissing me"  

    No, that's just true love.

  2. Wait  

    LdR's Ride shoudn't be a guilty pleasure but an anthem:

    "I'm tired of feeling like I'm fucking crazy"

  3. Anonymous  

    Yeeaaahhhh Lo FISH

  4. And for relaxing times

    Make it Suntory time.

  5. j  

    aria sharma is a gem (and Imdabes is a cinematic masterpiece)

  6. SS

    Wow. Aria Sharma you are too wonderful for words. If only I was an eligible young gentleman..

  7. youdabes, aria!

    i love you more than gilbert blythe.

  8. high and quiet

    ew this wine and scotch tastes horrible

  9. but wait

    in WHAT world is dancing on my own a guilty pleasure?? that's a modern classic. we should study it in music hum. we should study it in lit hum. we should study it in everything

  10. why  

    turn an ok thing into a gimmick? #vests #stop

  11. Seattle?  

    As long as he didn't go to Lakeside

  12. Anonymous  

    laura does tell really good stories.

  13. Sic Semper Tyrannis  

    Aria is BEAUTIFUL. Too bad she's not from real Virginia (but I wouldn't hold that against her). Get it, girl!

  14. Hottie McHottie


  15. IcantbelieveImwritingabwogpostnope

    Just saying...any guy would be absolutely LUCKY to have Ms. Aria for a Valentine.

    Sharm Sharm. Parmesan.
    Have a happy Valentine's

    ^That haiku is terrible, but Aria's wonderful. The end.

  16. did see that coming...  

    damn young stalin could get it tho.

  17. i could be ur girl  

    fainan ur killing me with meera as your historical person i am actually considering petitioning for these 10 $dollars

  18. Anonymous  

    fainan ur cute but 2 smart 4 me

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