Glass House Rocks 2014: Underwater??

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It was a cold and dreary February 13, and nary a fuck was given. The weather outside was far from delightful, but despite the wintry mix, somehow yours truly made the trek to Lerner, late, confused, and poorly informed (so the norm basically).

The night got off to a promising start, in that I walk in, serenaded by the melancholy strains of CU Bhangra getting down to Chammak Chalo. A little bewildered, I peer around at supposedly the “largest undergraduate event of the year” (thanks Anuj Sharma), and can’t decide whether to feel over or underwhelmed. There’s a good deal of noise, which is always a little startling to this 90 year old cat lady, and I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m entirely too sober for the proceedings. I stick around the performance area on the ramps for a bit, and when the supposedly sea green lighting got to be too much, I sneak into the Black Box for some good ole tunes from everyone’s fave a cappella group, Sharp.

Now here’s where the night turns around. True to form, I walk in, a bit hesitant and frankly fearful. But within the first couple bars of Imogen Heap (with the dulcet tones of Ellie Goulding in the background), admiration is felt (also maybe even like emotion?? wtf). It’s semi easy to forget, but here at Columbia we’re constantly surrounded by an obscene amount of talent. Also, contrary to expectations (on my part, at least), there’s actually a shit ton of people there, all come out to celebrate cool awesome campus things (plus you know, free food, whatever).

Other awesome things that happened:

So in short, regardless of that oh so Columbian attitude of giving no shits, this is the sort of thing we all actually come out for. Mad props, bros.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is the worst write up I have ever read on bwog. Gratuitous cursing, leering photo captions, unnecessarily racial description of what I assume was the CU Generation performance if the author had even bothered to ask the name of the group.

    Just because you write under the assumed identity of "Bwog" doesn't mean you should just write whatever you want.

  2. Anonymous  

    What are the green things ??

  3. Anonymous

    "Some sort of urban grit Asian dance that made you feel really fucking white"

    Are you fucking kidding me? They're a hip-hop group on campus that dances to Korean music. It's not an "Asian dance".

  4. Janice Yoon  

    "Some sort of urban grit Asian dance group that made you feel really fucking white."

    I honestly don't even know where to begin with this.

    I understand you were trying to exude some "oh so Columbian attitude of giving no shits" in this piece but really, you have to draw a line somewhere between being stylistically cheeky and just straight up rude.

    Whenever CU Generation performs for the Columbia community, we do it to share with you and show you a part of Korean culture that has become popular around the world. We offer a form of cultural exposure and entertainment that you don't necessarily have to like but should still respect for its intent, given that we go to a school with incredible diversity in people and talent.

    From the remarks you make about feeling like a 90 year old cat lady too sober to properly enjoy a school function, I'm going to guess that you're a senior. Look--we have roughly 90 days left here. We have reached the two-digits in the countdown of our college career. Try to make the most of it. Go to Senior Night and have a drink with someone from a different circle of friends. From a different culture or country. Honestly, even after (or maybe especially after) reading your piece... I volunteer as tribute. I promise I'll try my hardest not to make you feel too white. I'm actually kind of fun, and can dance to other non-Korean genres of music, too.

    And if you're not a senior, I'm sincerely happy and excited for you because you still have some time to take advantage of being at Columbia. We are so privileged to be surrounded by such diversity; it's never too late to really see it and appreciate it for what it is.

    Last thing--CU Generation is performing next at CSC's Lunar Gala. I cordially invite you to come give us another try. We'll also be doing a piece to an English song, so really, we're meeting you halfway.

  5. Anonymous

    This writer needs a serious reality check. While the rest of the captions are vapid and humorless, the caption for the CU Gen performance is extremely offensive and racist, and reflects poorly on the entire Bwog staff.

  6. sneaky Bwog  

    has changed the caption to "awesome urban grit dance group".

    smell a racial lawsuit coming brah?

  7. Publicly shame the writer  

    let's lynch him or something!

  8. Wow suck once again bwog.

  9. Anonymous  

    yo nice try but it's chammak challo

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