It was a cold and dreary February 13, and nary a fuck was given. The weather outside was far from delightful, but despite the wintry mix, somehow yours truly made the trek to Lerner, late, confused, and poorly informed (so the norm basically).

The night got off to a promising start, in that I walk in, serenaded by the melancholy strains of CU Bhangra getting down to Chammak Chalo. A little bewildered, I peer around at supposedly the “largest undergraduate event of the year” (thanks Anuj Sharma), and can’t decide whether to feel over or underwhelmed. There’s a good deal of noise, which is always a little startling to this 90 year old cat lady, and I have the sneaking suspicion that I’m entirely too sober for the proceedings. I stick around the performance area on the ramps for a bit, and when the supposedly sea green lighting got to be too much, I sneak into the Black Box for some good ole tunes from everyone’s fave a cappella group, Sharp.

Now here’s where the night turns around. True to form, I walk in, a bit hesitant and frankly fearful. But within the first couple bars of Imogen Heap (with the dulcet tones of Ellie Goulding in the background), admiration is felt (also maybe even like emotion?? wtf). It’s semi easy to forget, but here at Columbia we’re constantly surrounded by an obscene amount of talent. Also, contrary to expectations (on my part, at least), there’s actually a shit ton of people there, all come out to celebrate cool awesome campus things (plus you know, free food, whatever).

Other awesome things that happened:

So in short, regardless of that oh so Columbian attitude of giving no shits, this is the sort of thing we all actually come out for. Mad props, bros.