Class of 2018 Keeps it Up With a Fresh Round of Stupid Facebook Posts

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If you thought Bwog scared the incoming first-years away from posting on their class Facebook page, you thought wrong. We thought we were done poking fun at them, but then the prefrosh surprised us with a whole new round of Facebook gems. Okay okay, we’re done until RD decisions.

They thought they could keep us out, too:

They're onto us
Nice try, Hammy

TheyreOntoUsIt takes a genius to figure this out

My tuition, dammit
The most important question of all

Odd choice of a Twitter handle
Really, what’s more important than your ratio?

Okay, this question is far more important.

ANDYBefore a Columbia workload sucks the life out of you

Be you, be free
It’s true, having to work to make money isn’t for all of us

Okay, prefrosh, we do mean it, we’re done now. We appreciate your abundant enthusiasm and we’re sure you’ll make a lovely addition to our vibrant student body.

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  1. Presbo

    Bwog stop fucking with the first years!!. Oh wait, they are contractually obliged to come here......

  2. Anonymous  

    "don't fucking post your essays again" -hamilton hall

  3. CC '15  


  4. the lack of cynicism  

    in the cashier kid makes me wonder if he's fit for columbia lol

    "my spirit is crushed by cashiering man"

  5. anon  

    True story though cashier dude if you think working a minimum wage job makes u hate everything just wait till you get your first unpaid internship where you are everyone's b*tch

  6. Representing Admissions Office

    bwog, can you please stop posting things like this? The post from Alexander Hamilton is from the Admissions Office and therefore you are violating the conditions. Even if someone sends you a tip, do not post this as it is a violation of privacy and admissions policy.

  7. BSGS

    Now you know how GS feels about all of you most of the time. Just be nice.

  8. Anonymous

    Lol. This is rich XD

  9. trying to remember

    whether all freshmen are this naive and annoying. i'm pretty sure i was a little eager beaver too but i like to pretend that i never posted a 'ROAR LION' status after i got accepted

  10. I'm Shmacked  

    YO, this homie is an I'm Shmacked fan. He better turn up hard in the city and get the fuck off campus or transfer.


  11. Anonymous

    "violating the conditions"...of what? You should always assume that everything you post on the internet--even on private twitter accounts or closed facebook groups--can and will be seen by people you didn't anticipate.

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