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The first assignment for many students taking Adam Cannon’s Intro to CS class is to make a CUNIX homepage with the basic requirements of a few links and a picture. Bwog’s resident script kiddie Kevin Chen wrote a program to see which UNIs had websites—here are some people who went above and beyond.

My Little Pony + cloud messages = wat



It’s so delicious and moist.


An odd tribute to UMich’s f-word team.


A website that helps you find buffalo wings.


Now this is just creepy.


Not only did the author write an article on New York murder for Spec, she also made it her homepage.


Don’t look at the next image. Resist the temptation.


The resume of an experienced aromatherapist and sandwich artist.


And finally, the homepage that started it all, a tribute to 3D Doritos.


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  1. no joke

    Requiescat in Pace 3D Doritos. Gone but not forgotten.

  2. Anonymous

    The tag is wrong--it's 1004, not 1007

  3. en2256  

    Mine's way creepier

    • another 1004 student  

      OK, I gotta admit, that's pretty great.

      My page didn't make the cut, but I don't really care. I had a ball making it and it looks like these guys had fun with theirs too. I'm glad we were all chanelling the spirit of Geocities. Shine on you beautiful diamonds

  4. nerd  

    how did you get lots of UNIs?

  5. can anyone with a uni make a site?

    dying to mke a silly one of my own

    • zack newman  

      @can anyone with a uni make a site?:

      Yes, absolutely! Just upload all of the content of the side to CUNIX in the `public_html` directory of your home folder.

      If you don't know how to do that but still want to put up a site (warning: shameless self-promotion ahead), come to ADI's Cookies and Code in Lerner 569 at 10pm on Wednesdays and we'll help you out :) Or you can take 1004.

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