The Hottest Club At Columbia Is The Paint Bar

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One genius Carman resident decided to take room decor to the next level and got pretty HGTV on their dorm room. Moving out the furniture, the student installed a bar (bought off of Craigslist) and threw a huge party last night in his room to celebrate it. Bwog received a storm of photos and tips and, well…just see for yourself.

NB: Housing charges $300 per wall for repainting a room after checkout. We hope he charged a cover last night.

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  1. YES

    This is maybe one of the best things to happen to CU. People need to let loose here!!

  2. Anonymous  

    see, somebody managed to have a fun, irresponsible collegiate party without dressing up like cultural stereotypes!

    more paint, less white girls in sombreros pretending they look like an olympic team

  3. TEAM OCHO  

    ocho turnt. still the nsloppiest!

  4. also

    And the host got CAVA'd for his fourth time. Who else bets he doesn't last the semester?

  5. Bringing New Meaning  

    To the phrase "Person of Color"

  6. Anonymous  

    I'm fighting back my jaded-ness to say that I'm actually...impressed...with these freshmen.

    Question: where did they move the furniture to?

  7. So...  

    I understand that this was intended to be fun and let students party and get fucking crazy (which is cool)....but just TWO POINTS I can't help but bring up.

    1. So...disregarding the fact that it was pretty irresponsible to throw a huge party with booze in an underclassmen was REALLY DUMB for Bwog to post this. Because the administration could easily see this because everyone reads Bwog (Huffingon Post...Ivy Gate...everyone) The Office of Residential Life could initiate a search of all the dorms in Carman and you can't hide a BIG ASS bar that you installed in the middle of your room. So it's super easy for them to figure out who did this. To be honest, the administration understands that freshmen WILL drink...duh you're in college. And they will turn a blind eye if no one sees you with the alcohol and you don't throw a huge ass party. But this is basically begging for their attention. There are pictures of TONS of alcohol and a clear indicator of what the room looks like.

    2. I can't help but feel like this is some poor kids attempt to get people to really like him. Which is okay, because I totally understand the pressure. But honestly...if half of those people partying it up in your dorm had to chose between YOU and an A-....they would throw you under the bus. And I really hope you don't get into trouble for this...but I really don't see how you won't. So next time...try not to shoot yourself in the foot for other people's enjoyment.

    I admire your spirit kid! And I'm sure the party was bad ass...but next time...try and be a little smarter about how you break the rules.

  8. Noah  

    Whoever he is, he has excellent movie taste if the Le Samourai poster is any indication

  9. Anonymous

    Columbia needs more-- many more-- kids like this!8

  10. Tru Carmanite

    This was on the same floor as the nine-RA NSOP party, just saying...

  11. Anonymous

    Some of the paintings were actually beautiful. I wish someone got a full panorama or something. This place should be preserved

  12. Lee Bollinger Obama

    give this man a medal

  13. Anonymous  

    and this guy may get expelled? I know death and expulsion aren't exactly equal, but the metaphor still works since in both cases the cause of our hero's demise, be it expulsion or death or a fuckoff huge fine, came about directly as a result of what hoisted him/her to such heights in the first place.

    Unless I'm being dense right now and there's something I'm missing. I'm tired, cut me some slack.

  14. 8 fan

    I hear his suite mate snuck a keg into carman for his birthday. These kids are nuts! I hear that same kid is like the hottest guy in the freshman class.

  15. Total Power move

    With money like this kids got, I'm sure he'll pay for all the damages no problemo. Probably a little probation, maybe some awareness stuff, you know the deal. I am in awe of the cojones on this guy.

  16. Anonymous  

    MIT lets people paint all over one of their dorms. Why can't Columbia do the same with Carman?

  17. Anonymous  

    Seriously?...the host has been cava'd 4 times..FOUR?

    Also, don't you have to have sit-downs with the dean of reslife each time your intoxication results in getting cava'd and/or hospitalized?

  18. Concerned Parent

    Oh my God! These kids are so irresponsible! Who ever would have thought this would happen at such a prestigious institution?

  19. Anonymous  

    the habboosh administration isn't going to be happy about this

  20. RA Dude  

    Not gonna lie, this room is pretty fucking dope.

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