stop smelling your wenis, lupe

we’re just the messengers…

Bacchanal Committee has announced this year’s theme: #throwbacchanal. As Bacchanal puns go, we find this one #throwbacceptable. Much better than Baccaha90′s, that’s for sure.

But who is the main act, we hear you say? Bwog has been keeping our collective ear to the ground and this is what we’ve heard:

Lupe Fiasco

Probability: that the 1 train is running regularly. Very high. We’ve heard this from a lot of sources, and it seems about right for Bacchanal. You’ve heard of him, maybe you even know a few of his songs, but he’s not so famous that you would notice him strolling down College Walk. Also, we had Macklemore last year; maybe the Bacchanal committee is really into socially-conscious rap?

2 Chainz

Probability: that your ID will get rejected at 1020. So, very low. Our little birds have whispered this one to us, but it feels like he’s too famous for Bacchanal. And does he even have any recent music out? Still, it could happen.

Bruno Mars

Probability: that Columbia gives us another snow day this semester… It ain’t gonna happen. These rumors probably came from people who were way too excited from the Super Bowl.

Just a reminder: Bacchanal is a CLOSED EVENT, so leave your little sister drunk uncle talking dog at home

Lupe via Wikimedia