Annual Ceremony Unceremoniously Cancelled

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Around noon, today, Bacchanal announced that its Battle of the Bands, to determine one of the #THROWBACCHANAL openers, was a no-go.


A comment promised: “There will still be a student opener to be decided upon by online form. Stay updated to fill out the form and decide who will be your student opener!” Fair enough; no student-run organization is perfect. Then we received this very sad tip:

I’m having a shit day. My name is Adam Gower (real name Ziyad Abdelfattah, CC ’15). I produce original electronic music, and was slated to perform at Bacchanal’s Battle of the Bands, a cherished annual ceremony which has now been unceremoniously cancelled.

Specifically, Bacchanal didn’t reserve the Party Space (could be a legit reason for this but I don’t know), forcing them to use Beta’s basement, and then Beta didn’t actually register the event. Voting for the student opener will now be by online form, which frankly makes it even easier for the committee to just pick their favorite and nobody is going to end up listening to all the bands.

What this is all leading to is, I was excited about this because my music is relatively new on campus and I thought more people could hear it. So if you ever feel like running one of your artist profile articles, I guess I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

So, in the spirit of the enjoyment of music and not making it “easier for the committee to just pick their favorite,” check out Adam Gower’s (and other scheduled performers’) music below. If you’re part of another student band that was going to perform tonight, send us a tip or comment below, and we’ll include a sample of your music in the post. We’re also reaching out to Bacchanal for a comment.

Adam Gower: 


Sun Looks Down:

Taylor Simone: 

Josh le Mac

Jack and Eliza

Mitchell Veith

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  1. bacch "anal"  


  2. Anonymous

    bacchanal/Columbia music festival organization this year has been v sloppy tbh

  3. Anonymous  

    #throwbachannal to last year when the concert was at noon and holi was at 9 am. Nice planning.

  4. WOOOOOOO!  


  5. Johann Sebastian "Bacch"anal  

    Sun Looks Down JUST Released a New Video


  6. anonymous  

    if you're gonna do this, post all the bands that got shafted, not just Adam Gower.


    ADAM GOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And his album doesn't even do justice to the awesomeness of a Gower live set! Check the bacchanal group later for a post about a live on-campus show he'll be doing!

  8. Someone Who Likes Sick Jams

    Adam Gower has some sick jams.

  9. Bacchanal organizers suck  

    Please sign the long-running petition!

    Please give Bacchanal $ to a group that can run it properly!

  10. Anonymous  

    I'm curious what other group has the party space then. If it's another student group, they should really volunteer to give it up. If it's an outside group, then, well, money grubbing columbia strikes again

    • Anonymous  

      No, they shouldn't. If Bacchanal had reserved the party space on time, they wouldn't have had to ask Beta to use their house as a venue. No reason to screw over another student group because of their mistakes.


    ADAM GOWER!!!!

  12. Tim

    You can blame Brad Badgley, he was the one who would not approve a thursday night music event. He is a bag of tools without the cognitive power to process the unique circumstances of this event, seeing as officially only fraternity/sorority mixers are allowed on thursdays. All comments and concerns should be addressed to him.

    His email is:

    And phone number:
    (212) 854-5319

  13. 50% of the groups posted here  

    are female fronted bands f**k yeah.

    but why do pianos keep getting vandalized? so disrespectful.

  14. PSA  

    Here at Columbia, we value the importance of a bloated bureaucracy over trivial pursuits such as art or music.

    • the voice of raisin / prezbo's prodigal kidney stone  

      shhhhh don't you go to columbia? calling music trivial is redundant! i think that's what they taught us in U Writing.

      anyway, did music build NOCO? I think not.

      Noco is, however, the worlds largest ugly POS masquerading as a pillar of knowledge. i'm so glad CU spent a trillion dollars building a mascot worthy of its decaying urban sprawl of a bureaucracy and STILL finds time to shut down one of the only tangible expressions of school spirit and community that I've ever encountered in my 4 years here.


      >Battle of Bands used Jam!
      >the music is not very effective...
      >Bureaucracy used red tape!
      >BoB became confused...
      >Bureaucracy used Cease and Desist
      >it's super effective!
      >BoB feints.

      Bureacracy won the match!
      Bueaucracy receives all your money

  15. Taylor Gang  

    Taylor Simone killing it tho!

  16. ok but i mean  

    is battle of the bands *really* a "cherished annual ceremony"? i feel like they started doing this while i was a student and i only graduated a few years ago.

  17. JBirms  

    All these bands and more should come play at the Greenborough open mic this Saturday! 604 W114th st at 8pm!

  18. You dun fucked up  

    Wait, this is totally not a bureaucracy problem.

    Bacchanal should have booked Lerner Party space or something a longggg time ago, especially considering they only really have one responsibility the whole year.

    Also, has Flaxo really been already chosen to play even though he's falls into the category of a student musician?? Like, yes, he has more recognition, but it's not like that makes him automatically more qualified than the other students bands to play at Bacchanal, especially considering that the Chainsmokers are also EDM.

    ~~~Circle Jerk~~~

  19. Truth  

    Greek Life adminstration wouldn't allow Beta to register it

  20. Anonamoose  

    Why does Beta have to register it? Don't they own their house?

    • Anonymous  

      Because they're still university-recognized, which means that they still have to follow the same rules as all the other frats, including no open parties on Thursdays. If they had thrown the event anyway, it'd have been shut down by noise complaints within an hour.

      The real question is - why did this have to be on Thursday anyway?

  21. CC '15

    It's an April Fool's Day joke. Get over yourselves

  22. M. Jones  

    Just get me Kendrick and all is absolved...

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