This morning, SGA released a position on last month’s drama involving SJP and the Barnard administration. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the long and short of it is that SJP asked permission for and hung a banner promoting End Israeli Apartheid Week, which the administration then promptly removed. The administration said that in light of the issue, they would discuss whether banners would be allowed in future. SGA sent out a survey to the student body about general opinion on the situation, and the resulting statement supports not only rehanging the banner, but allowing banners of all sorts and perspectives.

Dear Student Body and Administrators,

On Monday March 24th, Columbia Students for Justice in Palestine came to speak at SGA Rep Council and asked SGA for support regarding a few specific initiatives. Last week, we distributed a Google Form to the student body that reformulated C-SJP requests into a set of questions that are useful for the scope of responsible and appropriate SGA action. As of today, this form has received over 180 responses from the Barnard student body. We thank the student body for sharing their voices and opinions with us and this information has been essential in informing our plan of action. Using these responses, SGA Rep Council discussed, drafted, and voted on an action plan, arriving by majority vote at the following conclusions.

We, the Student Government association of Barnard College, urge the administration of Barnard College to do the following:

1. Rehang C-SJP’s banner in an equally prominent and visible space on campus.

2. Allow student banners to hang on Barnard Hall. Bannering on Barnard Hall is an important communications outlet for the student body and a valued tradition that should be allowed to continue.

3. Additionally, for as long as Barnard Hall is not a space for student event advertisement, we strongly support the creation of alternative prominent spaces for student group event advertising on campus.

4. SGA would like to work with the college administration on the creation of a set of community bannering and posting guidelines that will delineate an honor code for student group advertisement on campus.

We will continue to work towards making these pressing requests a reality.