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Do you breathe? Do you exist? Do you have corporeal form? Have you left your room in the past month? If yes to any of the above, there’s no way you haven’t seen the tell-tale yellow signs/water bottles/pennant things posted literally everywhere.

But just in case you haven’t, here’s another reminder for what you’re doing this weekend: seeing the Varsity Show! All of campus will be there at some point or another, and you don’t really want the social irrelevance that will inevitably come with not catching references to V120. Also, we’ll let you in on a secret: we’ve heard this year’s is actually good. No, Veesh didn’t tell us to say that.

Shows are at 8pm Friday through Sunday, and in case you want to bring your grandmother, there’s a 2pm matinee on Sunday as well. Get your tickets here or at the TIC.

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  1. Anonymous  

    was in lerner last night and heard the music coming from the theater. it sounds reallly good. like shockingly good.

  2. anonymous

    Veesh is the worst.

    I have seen the past couple varsity shows and i know a few of the cast members and i am always entertained and impressed by their productions. But i really hate the group as a whole. I think they are so obnoxious with their PR (like posting these ridiculous signs over other groups' flyers) - do they really need to flaunt their $20,000+ budget?

  3. Anonymous  

    Wow I can't wait to not go to this.

  4. Senior

    I'm SO excited to see this year's show - if the preview's anything to go by, it's gonna be amazing!

  5. Agent Michael Scarn

    I hate so much about the things that you choose to be.

  6. my body is ready  

    for a full-length musical co-written by rae binstock

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