Book Culture Re-hires Employees

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I've heard Bank Street Bookstore is pretty nice...

One of the flyers that was circulated.

After much media attention and a protest outside of its stores, Book Culture just sent out the following email, stating that it has re-hired the four managers who were fired last week and that “there is no longer a labor dispute.”

To Our Friends,

We have re-hired all four store managers who were terminated last week. There is no longer a labor dispute. Book Culture has now recognized the RWDSU as the union representing our employees.

We are respectful of the rights of our employees to unionize and of the views of our customers in the community and the university. As we have gotten to know the RWDSU this past week, we believe that we and the RWDSU are well aligned in urging all customers to shop at Book Culture to support your local independent bookstore and to support the unionized employees who depend on your patronage of the two stores.

Chris, Annie & the Book Culture Team

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  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like they were bullied.

  2. I can count

    Aren't there five people on that poster?

  3. Serpent King  

    Ok, so now I'm going to boycott bookculture because the employees bullied the company.

  4. sad alum

    on bwog for the first time in over a month and my heart aches and burns why bwog why did i leave

  5. That's it.

    Buy your Book Culture coffee mugs and bags now. By this time next year, it'll be a Starbucks.

  6. Anonymous  

    i miss the old days when union thugs were union thugs, instead of tumblr hipsters.

  7. That's leadership

    Prezbo would have taken a shit in their mouths

  8. rando

    Yay! I can go back to Book Culture!

  9. We need unions more than ever ... awesome that they won this fight!

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