JJ’s Place Closed To Barnard?

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Bwog has been tipped several rumors that Barnard’s administration and dining services prohibit BC students from eating at JJ’s Place. Apparently, the BC ’17 and ’18 Facebook pages are in uproar about this policy, which has been in effect since 2011, and some students are saying that they currently can’t get into JJ’s after 8 pm. The change is rumored to have gone into affect today as some students were able to eat at JJ’s last night. No notice was publicly given to Barnard students about the change, and many students have not found out about the revoked access until trying to swipe in at JJ’s. However, Barnard students supposedly can still eat at John Jay and Ferris. So far, the Barnard administration has not responded to questions or concerns.

Update 5:07 pm: Bwog received the following message from Director of Marketing and Communications Kristina Hernandez on behalf of Columbia dining:

On behalf of Columbia Dining, this provides clarification regarding the Columbia-Barnard exchange at JJ’s Place.

There has been no change in policy. The Barnard-Columbia exchange includes John Jay and Ferris Booth Commons. It does not include JJ’s Place. Columbia Dining mistakenly allowed Barnard meal plan holders to swipe in to JJ’s Place the first few weeks of classes this year. Once we became aware of the mistake today, we corrected it. To be clear, JJ’s Place was never part of the exchange program.

Update 6:35 pm: In response to questions about whether this policy was different in previous years, Kristina Hernandez added:

If Barnard students were allowed to swipe in at JJ’s last year, it was an error on Columbia Dining’s part. In these cases, neither Barnard Dining nor Barnard students were charged.

An odd statement considering several Bwog staffers can remember Barnardians being able to swipe into JJ’s for at least two years without a problem.

Bwog will continue to update you on this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dining situation as events unfold.

The only time this much all-caps is appropriate.

The only time this much all-caps is appropriate.

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  1. BC '15  

    This post is not entirely accurate.

    Barnard students were not allowed into JJ's Place at all until September 2012, when the policy was changed to allow Barnard students into JJ's place before 8 PM. The idea was that Barnard and Columbia late night dining would continue to be separate, but before 8 all dining halls would have communal swipe access. The policy has only been in place for 2 years, not 3 like the dining website claims.

    Furthermore, what is most infuriating about this change is that Barnard dining (I called the director of dining services) claims that this has been the policy all along (clearly, from Facebook, it has not been). This abrupt change to Barnard dining policy and restricted access further contributes to the feelings of Barnard's marginalization by its own administration within the university community. A meal is the way we best connect with our peers and it sucks to have to say you cannot go to a dining hall because you are a Barnard student. Barnard dining restricting that access further contributes Barnard students feel like second-class citizens on that campus, when it at the same time champions Barnard being a part of a larger university community.

    • You are not a Columbia student  

      Why do you deserve special treatment? Columbia students can't swipe into late night dining either, and we're not up in arms about it.

      Face it - Columbia and Barnard are separate schools, and the students of both schools aren't entitled to anything more than what the agreement between the two schools (which Barnard pays $$$ for) allows them.

      • BC '15  

        My point is not that Barnard students should have access to JJ's place for late night dining and Columbia should not have access to Hewitt for late night dining. That has been standard for a number of years.

        My point is that Barnard dining should not dramatically change its policies on Barnard students (who are all affected because Barnard students all have to buy meal plans). This has been happening since NSOP of this year. Barnard students were not allowed to swipe into John Jay during a portion of NSOP but then were suddenly allowed to at certain points without notice, while Columbia students were given unrestricted access to Hewitt. If there was a "policy" to follow, we would certainly follow it. However, the policy has been changing and administrators on both sides of the street have claimed it is the other's fault, which leaves students in the middle.

      • are you kidding???  


    • anon

      both barnard and this post are jokes. find your own school and leave ours alone please. #ourblue #golions

  2. anon bear  

    This is a hate crime against my relationship with JJ's mozzarella sticks.

  3. Update  

    Barnard students go to Barnard, demand full perks of going to Columbia.

  4. Anonymous  

    There are other hours in the day that Barnard students can swipe in JJ's...

  5. froshboy having trouble socially  

    Saw some Barnard students denied on my way in. PLEASE LET THEM BACK IT'S A SAUSAGE FEST NOW

  6. BC Student  

    Can someone from Columbia please why the majority of you are so opposed to Barnard students eating at Columbia dining halls? Because if you're worried we'll eat all your food, I can assure you, there is enough to go around. And on that note, why are you so opposed to Barnard students in general? WHY ARE YOU HATING.

    • dsa  

      Because we got into an top 4 ivy league school and you got into a maybe top 50 school so why the hell should we treat you as our equals. If you wanted to enjoy columbia's facilities fully then you should have come to columbia. I don't go down to nyu and demand to use their dinning halls because why should I feel so entitled that no one can stop me from eating where I want: I feel the same way about Barnard demanding to use our dinning halls. You choose to go to your small school so stop trying to become part of our school

      • cc2016  

        hey top ivy 4 classmate! how about keeping quiet when you feel like being an asshole? if you're going to act as if you're smarter and at a better level, then perhaps you should try writing a post without grammatical errors.

      • still don't understand the hating  

        You should treat us as equals because we're human beings. Unless admittance to Columbia gives you some sort of Godly soul.

      • anon  

        HA top4ivy commenter....pretty confident that you're a fugly CC girl who's pissed that Barnard chicks get all the guys at Mel's.....

      • ???  

        Are you a 1-armed competitive ping ponger from bumfuck nowhere? You must be- cause theres no way you would've gotten into a "top 4 ivy league school" being such an ignorant fuck otherwise. Xoxo

      • Lol so you go to one of the top 4 ivy schools and you can't even spell "dining"? Maybe learn to spell before you start hating on another college that is A PART of your university. I mean, you should probably go read the words on the Barnard gate, which in fact say "Barnard college of Columbia University." Maybe that'll help you get your facts straight before you go about trash talking the top women's liberal arts college that I couldn't be prouder to be a part of. We are a part of Columbia so I'm sorry that you can't deal with the fact that we are going to be affiliated, and that's just the way it is, so too bad for you I guess.

        • Anonymous  

          You are an affiliate . . not part of the school. Those gates are OLD and from when Barnard WAS part of Columbia.

          First, you demand independence from Columbia. Now, you guys are so desperate to FEEL like you are going to the same school are we do. We are separate entities that share a community. S H A R E.

  7. Anonymous  

    "the first few weeks of classes this year", you mean the past two years?

  8. o_O  

    Perpetually confused about why people seem to enjoy further social divide between themselves and cute, smart girls...?

  9. Alum

    To have the best community, everyone's dining halls should be opened up to everyone at all times.

  10. Um  

    Barnard is just as much Columbia as is SEAS and GS. So why should it be any different?

  11. Everyone,  

    I propose a petition.

    How are we supposed to believe we are one school if we cannot even eat at all the dinning halls?

  12. Let's be clear  

    If Barnard became 100% independent, NO CC/SEAS KIDS WOULD GIVE A FUCK.

    Not true vice versa.

    • Anonymous

      But same if GS became 100% independent, or any of the grad schools became 100% independent, or if SEAS became 100% independent .... etc.

      If Columbia College branched off and created its own entity, it would carry the prestigious name with it. SEAS is only considered undergraduate engineering top 15 for IEOR. So if SEAS were 100% independent it wouldn't even be a top 15 school. I guarantee you selectivity would only decrease without the Columbia name. Funny how no one cares about SEAS mooching off the Columbia ranking/prestige/name ...

      • Anonymous

        Except that SEAS is a Columbia School, not just affiliated with Columbia. It's also well known as Columbia Engineering since how many schools also have created their own SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Science).

        Also, SEAS is the most selective undergraduate engineering school in the nation, beating out MIT and CalTech.

      • seas kid

        That's not true though. When I submitted my application, it was to columbia university. There was a supplemental essay for those applying to the engineering school (and one if applying to the college), but cc/seas both apply to columbia university. Barnard applicants applied to Barnard College. CC/SEAS even have the same admissions officers. Not trying to rude, but there really is a difference.

  13. Anonymous  


  14. Anonymous  

    WTF? Y'all are always waiting for any chance to hate on Barnard. Get over yourselves. You won't be in college forever. You're gonna have to go into the real world, and *gasp* eat with people that didn't go to an ivy league! Does it bother you that much that Barnard girls want to eat with you? "You don't go here. You didn't get into Columbia. You can't sit with us" Bleh, boring.

  15. Anonymous

    I am hoping this just a financial issue that needs to be resolved. The more dining options open to the students on campus, the benefit to all. Please remember there are many places all over campus that are cash and flex.

  16. Anonymous

    This a stupid issue and should be fixed everyone should be allowed in jj's. but it reflects how fucked up the whole Barnard columbia relationship is. Seriously no one is happy about how confusing it is. Barnard students OR columbia students.

  17. Do you even go here?  

    Starting to worry when comments on Bwog are worse than comments on Youtube...yikes.

  18. so tired  

    of this bullshit. every fecking year the first-years bitch about things like this, and then they get over it (at least most of them). so please, just shut up and move on. the dining halls will change who they let in once again next semester, or next year, and you will all still be shitheads with no social skills and giant sticks up your asses.

  19. hungry  

    more curly fries for columbia students then!

  20. seas  

    it's okay, they could do without those calories anyway

  21. good idea though

    Seriously I gained 30 pounds fresh year primarily cause of cravings to eat this shit, so props to barnard for restricting access.

  22. happy  

    i like going to columbia.. even if others don't find it fun. Barnard girls are easy to get with so I think that it is good that it is close by. I don't mind what they call themselves because I am comfortable with who I am - a rich, good looking columbia student (:

  23. BC 2015  

    Wow, who knew that this would be the thing that set off our yearly Barnard/Columbia debate? And so early in the school year too!

  24. Anonymous  

    It's food. We all like to eat. This has nothing to do with intelligence or what school we got into. It's sad this always happens even with silly things like swipe access to JJs...c'mon people.

  25. Anonymous

    this person is a monster

  26. Anonymous  

    Barnard is not Columbia college, Columbia college is not Barnard; but Barnard college and Columbia College both joined together and was renamed Columbia University. Know your fucking history

  27. Anonymous  

    It wouldn't be special treatment. CC students don't have access to Late Night Hewitt hours, and BC students wouldn't have access to Late Night JJ's hours. BC students just want the normal hours, 12-8 just like CC students have with Hewitt. It would be equal. All BC students want here is equality. It wouldn't be "special", it would be "equal."

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