Bwog has been tipped several rumors that Barnard’s administration and dining services prohibit BC students from eating at JJ’s Place. Apparently, the BC ’17 and ’18 Facebook pages are in uproar about this policy, which has been in effect since 2011, and some students are saying that they currently can’t get into JJ’s after 8 pm. The change is rumored to have gone into affect today as some students were able to eat at JJ’s last night. No notice was publicly given to Barnard students about the change, and many students have not found out about the revoked access until trying to swipe in at JJ’s. However, Barnard students supposedly can still eat at John Jay and Ferris. So far, the Barnard administration has not responded to questions or concerns.

Update 5:07 pm: Bwog received the following message from Director of Marketing and Communications Kristina Hernandez on behalf of Columbia dining:

On behalf of Columbia Dining, this provides clarification regarding the Columbia-Barnard exchange at JJ’s Place.

There has been no change in policy. The Barnard-Columbia exchange includes John Jay and Ferris Booth Commons. It does not include JJ’s Place. Columbia Dining mistakenly allowed Barnard meal plan holders to swipe in to JJ’s Place the first few weeks of classes this year. Once we became aware of the mistake today, we corrected it. To be clear, JJ’s Place was never part of the exchange program.

Update 6:35 pm: In response to questions about whether this policy was different in previous years, Kristina Hernandez added:

If Barnard students were allowed to swipe in at JJ’s last year, it was an error on Columbia Dining’s part. In these cases, neither Barnard Dining nor Barnard students were charged.

An odd statement considering several Bwog staffers can remember Barnardians being able to swipe into JJ’s for at least two years without a problem.

Bwog will continue to update you on this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad dining situation as events unfold.

The only time this much all-caps is appropriate.

The only time this much all-caps is appropriate.