Circle Of Noise Complaints: A Multimedia Journey

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A picture of all the lights turned on by Beta's music

A picture of all the lights turned on by Beta’s music

Around 3:30 AM last night, residents of 114th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam were awoken from their peaceful slumber by the most courteous neighbors of all time: Beta House. In keeping with their recent tradition, most of their blaring music consisted of tunes from Disney that may be enjoyable in small doses, but not at 3:30 AM on the first night of Reading Week. Beta held their Formal last night, so we suppose that a few libations and good times may have propagated the events. However, their Disney tunes left neighbors tipping their tragic, profanity-laden tales to Bwog. For a more detailed timeline of the night, go check out Twitter for our tweets from last night. Here we leave you with some of the top hits from last night’s multimedia madness:


Open letter to Beta:

Dear Beta,

At approx 3:20 I was rudely awoke to Pocahontas. Now I love Disney movies just as much as the next girl but it’s now after 5:00am and I haven’t been able to fall back asleep. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with that loud of music so late at night. If it’s some weird mating ritual I ask you to please tone it down. Additionally I’d like to note that no girl in the history of the world has been wooed by the Disney tunes of her childhood played at ear piercing volumes. Maybe it works for wooing men I really am not sure but one of your brothers was screaming I’m gay I’m gay I’m gay so I can really only wish him the best of luck on his future romantic endeavors. I kindly ask you to shut the fuck up and learn some common curtesy please. Just because you own your own house does not mean you should antagonize the rest of us. I called pubic safety on you tonight but next time I won’t be opposed to calling NYPD directly. So please just learn to keep normal hours because you’re slowly
turning all of 114th against you.

The Girl Next Door w/o a Disney Fetish

Top Tweets from our Twitter:

Moral of the story: please keep the music down, Beta. For any resident that would like to file a noise complaint in the future, call NYPD by dialing 311 or visit this website. We leave you with actual footage from the field. Yes, we do believe you heard “dicks flayed” correctly.

Edit (1:33pm): Beta has since deleted their (drunken?) tweets in response to us, so in this post we are replacing their tweets with our tweets to which they were replying.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Bwog's Twitter: "Remember the Nutella scandal? How that was the worst thing on campus? We kinda miss that."

    A-frickin'-men to that. What a semester.

  2. Frustrated

    This was really shitty of Beta. This week of all weeks, with the situation in the freshman dorms, the serious trauma of wold events that many are feeling, and the approach of finals, members of the Beta house have completely disregarded the mental health of everybody in the community. It's pathetic that their twitter lashed out at Bwog about libel when they should be apologizing to everybody who's night of sleep and following morning was ruined by their obstinacy.

  3. Beta... lol  

    The biggest squids on campus pretending to be the frattiest

    • Probably going to regret this...  

      but: "Squids"?

      • I'm Squidward, you're Squidward.  

        Indeed, squids. Not the kind of squid calamari is made of that warms our souls with the perfect balance between a chewy fish taste and a golden brown crunch. No, they're the kind of squids found in Mario Sunshine that ink all over the screen and show up in Delfino at the most inopportune times. Freaking squids.

  4. Um

    Who's the kid in the video?

  5. Ok  

    On the Class of 2017 page a Beta brother called someone who complained "hypersensitive." They are officially the worst.

  6. in case anyone is interested,  

    beta's drunk tweets that were deleted this morning:

    "libel: (LAW) a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation." - BetaThetaPi-Columbia (@ColumbiaBeta)

    are you willing to back this up under a libel suit? —BetaThetaPi-Columbia (@ColumbiaBeta)

  7. anon  

    so where should i live next year if i don't want these shitheads to wake me up?

  8. Not a "letter"...  

    ..but I want to give a moment to talk to Beta as if they cared what non-Betas thought. (Though, understanding how siege-mentality works, I get that it might not work right now.)

    I checked out your national's site, and there's some pretty lofty bits of ethos listed on it:

    "Betas believe that men are mutually obligated to help others in the honorable labors and aspirations of life." How does that translate to fellow students hollering at you at 4 AM that you're messing with their sleep/study/concentration during finals week?

    "Betas choose to act responsibly, weighing the consequences of their actions on themselves and those around them." How is that playing out in practice? From what I can tell, that's incompatible with doubling-down when people ask you to stop doing something.

    "Betas preserve their character by doing what is morally right and demanding the same or their brothers." Aside from this not being the first time, and aside from messing with people during finals week... we just saw a video featuring a young woman who said 4 AM partying at your place was keeping her from recuperating from being sick. I'm not asking you to go get her chicken soup or anything, but is your brother's sole response of making "Wah, Wah" noises and rubbing his eyes in mock-sorrow morally right in that situation? What's being demanded, and by whom?

    I suppose I'm being hopelessly naïve and optimistic by thinking that an organization will stand by its mission statements. In all probability, this will get a laugh out of you. I would hope someone didn't just put things up to sound classy and then do whatever the hell they wanted, after, but I understand reality.

    Thank you.
    (PS: If the only thing you got out of this was "I went to look up your national", then 1) yes, I did and 2) I'm sorry that's all you took from it.)

    • Tim Paine  

      Even I've never been on this website

      • Knock it off, Fake Tim Paine!  

        I would assume this reply isn't from the Tim Paine that is Beta's webmaster, then? Because I originally got all the quotes I used from Columbia's Beta site:

        Seriously, people, don't besmirch his reputation by insinuating that he doesn't know what's on his OWN SITE. That would be a level of incompetence that nobody would believe from someone in his position.

      • Anonymous  

        The same things are on the local Columbia Beta site. Seen that one?

        • Anonymous  

          I'd also assume that Beta knew what, according to both the local and national Beta sites, are considered their frat's guiding principles that every brother is meant to uphold- without having to "check the site".

          It's an inspiring manifesto- no top-down stuff, every man representing the whole organization. Pretty cool.

          Anyway, we were talking about dicks pasted up in all the windows and shouting at fellow students in the street about a semester's worth of noise violations. Carry on?

    • Calling it like I sees em  

      psh... do you honestly believe a bunch of drunk piss-babies are actually going to uphold the BS moral codes fraternities supposedly stand for? Institutionally, they're little more than gangs for upper middle class white people. And Beta isn't even doing a good job of that, let alone living up to any sort of higher ethical code.

      • Anonymous  

        Well honestly, when I started, I was hoping they meant something to them. Also, maybe that talking to them as adults instead of taunting or threatening them would have some kind of positive effect. (Naïve? Sure, but hope's okay in small doses.)

        That pretty much didn't work on any level, from what I can tell. Ah well, lesson learned. If I knew that the chapter VP didn't even recognize the principles from their own site, I would have made something fun up and tossed it in.

  9. ffd  

    Hey everyone why dont we start a "dicks of Beta" twitter and when they do this stupid shit just post pictures of them so we can shame them as a community

  10. Hey Beta  

    Maybe if you spent a little less time and effort on waking people up at 4am and a little more on your pathetic recruitment posters and NSOP party apps you'd have some members with enough class to know that shit like this reeks of tryhardism.

  11. Anonymous  

    sent 2 noise complaints to Public Safety when this shit didn't stop in the first 30 minutes - next time I'm calling NYPD directly

  12. Damn

    was gonna rush but nah fuck that

  13. Anonymous  

    just goes to show how sheltered the columbia community is. beta is being just as bitchy as they always are, why all the fuss? there are bigger problems in this world. everyone here is self-righteous as fuck, but where does it get us? we're just screaming at each other and threatening to call the police over something that's barely an issue when you put it all in perspective. get off your high horses and take a chill pill.

    oh and beta, stfu

    • Anonymous  

      As I understood it, Beta's been given all sorts of opportunities to not do this.

      (For proof, the distance between the first article and this one, and also the unnamed student on the video saying he had previously come to an agreement with them that 1, 2, even 3 AM was okay, but not 4 AM during finals week.)

      So, not a random blowout so much as a thing that's been built up.

      It's also not very cool to call first world problems on everything short of, say, Rwandan genocide. Personal things matter.

  14. Does Beta even lift?

    My frat could beat up yours.

  15. Anonymous  

    "All your dicks are gonna get flayed" DEAD

  16. Not that mad  

    It's Disney music guys. Yeah some people got woken up, but honestly, the screaming and swearing was a lot worse to deal with last night than a loud Disney song or two. And honestly, I was just excited they were taking requests from Yik Yak.

  17. Anonymous

    All nice and quiet on the EC front :)

  18. Mitch Conner  

    I had sympathy until i heard the woman's voice. sounds far more annoying than the music

  19. Former beta

    My beta experience was not perfect, and I'd be the first to tell even if my familial brother that he was being a dick if he was truly being one, so I can assure you this isn't out of fraternal loyalty.

    But Jesus, is no one else perturbed by how homophobic and heteronormative this letter is? Jeez I almost respect beta for doing stuff in blatant disregard for "what girls like", which seems to be what this girl assumes is the sole guiding principle for all frat boys.

    I don't endorse Disney at 4am, but I don't endorse this letter either. This and bwogs last post about the dick measuring guy have both been such bad representations of legitimate community outrage that I question whether Bwog is trying to make beta look better or worse with these posts.

    TLDR I agree beta might be dickish in their musical habits, but I don't give a shit what this girl, who can't really even spell, has to say.

  20. Anonymous

    Call the 26th Precinct (212) 678-1311 when this happens again, and it will!

    Public safety will NOT help you.
    311 report of noise will not help you.
    The NYPD will respond and shut them down.
    Send video to Bollinger and put up on youtube under the header "future leaders."

    Those guys threw piss at me out their windows! Grow up Beta.

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