A picture of all the lights turned on by Beta's music

A picture of all the lights turned on by Beta’s music

Around 3:30 AM last night, residents of 114th St. between Broadway and Amsterdam were awoken from their peaceful slumber by the most courteous neighbors of all time: Beta House. In keeping with their recent tradition, most of their blaring music consisted of tunes from Disney that may be enjoyable in small doses, but not at 3:30 AM on the first night of Reading Week. Beta held their Formal last night, so we suppose that a few libations and good times may have propagated the events. However, their Disney tunes left neighbors tipping their tragic, profanity-laden tales to Bwog. For a more detailed timeline of the night, go check out Twitter for our tweets from last night. Here we leave you with some of the top hits from last night’s multimedia madness:


Open letter to Beta:

Dear Beta,

At approx 3:20 I was rudely awoke to Pocahontas. Now I love Disney movies just as much as the next girl but it’s now after 5:00am and I haven’t been able to fall back asleep. I’m not sure what you’re trying to do with that loud of music so late at night. If it’s some weird mating ritual I ask you to please tone it down. Additionally I’d like to note that no girl in the history of the world has been wooed by the Disney tunes of her childhood played at ear piercing volumes. Maybe it works for wooing men I really am not sure but one of your brothers was screaming I’m gay I’m gay I’m gay so I can really only wish him the best of luck on his future romantic endeavors. I kindly ask you to shut the fuck up and learn some common curtesy please. Just because you own your own house does not mean you should antagonize the rest of us. I called pubic safety on you tonight but next time I won’t be opposed to calling NYPD directly. So please just learn to keep normal hours because you’re slowly
turning all of 114th against you.

The Girl Next Door w/o a Disney Fetish

Top Tweets from our Twitter:

Moral of the story: please keep the music down, Beta. For any resident that would like to file a noise complaint in the future, call NYPD by dialing 311 or visit this website. We leave you with actual footage from the field. Yes, we do believe you heard “dicks flayed” correctly.

Edit (1:33pm): Beta has since deleted their (drunken?) tweets in response to us, so in this post we are replacing their tweets with our tweets to which they were replying.