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Claire and Anna

Claire and Anna

As if we couldn’t be more self-absorbed, we bring you a joint personal from some more Bwog staff members—Claire and Anna. These girls are ready to mingle. They even let you Photoshop your headshot to see what a nice date at 1020 would look like with them. If you’re ready to meet the best girls in the world, send us an email at tips@bwog.com and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Name, year, school, major: Claire Friedman, CC’16, English and History; Anna Hotter, CC’16, Econ-Poli Sci, Philosophy

Hometown: SLC and Graz

Preference: Girls for guy

Nightmare date in seven words or fewer: He doesn’t appreciate James Franco’s ART

What redeems you as a human being? Ability to read each other’s thoughts/vomit glitter/sing poorly/eat in silence/between the two of us we’ve completed the core

Library room of choice: Watt 3B

Beverage of choice: Travel wine (wine + thermos)

Components of your ideal Westside salad: lettuce, avocados, NO TOMATOES, chicken on the side (one of us a vegetarian and we like options), chickpeas, assorted seeds, walnuts

Where can you be found on a Saturday night? Somewhere between Watt 3B and 1020

Historical Hottie: James Franco circa 2009

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  1. Anonymous

    You two are more than welcome to sit on my face

  2. Jean De Berg Enthusiast

    Is the pairing of these two together in one personal a reference to the classic French erotic novel L'Image?

  3. leslie knope

    claire and anna, you beautiful tropical fish!

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