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Claire and Anna

Claire and Anna

As if we couldn’t be more self-absorbed, we bring you a joint personal from some more Bwog staff members—Claire and Anna. These girls are ready to mingle. They even let you Photoshop your headshot to see what a nice date at 1020 would look like with them. If you’re ready to meet the best girls in the world, send us an email at and we’ll put you in touch with them.

Name, year, school, major: Claire Friedman, CC’16, English and History; Anna Hotter, CC’16, Econ-Poli Sci, Philosophy

Hometown: SLC and Graz

Preference: Girls for guy

Nightmare date in seven words or fewer: He doesn’t appreciate James Franco’s ART

What redeems you as a human being? Ability to read each other’s thoughts/vomit glitter/sing poorly/eat in silence/between the two of us we’ve completed the core

Library room of choice: Watt 3B

Beverage of choice: Travel wine (wine + thermos)

Components of your ideal Westside salad: lettuce, avocados, NO TOMATOES, chicken on the side (one of us a vegetarian and we like options), chickpeas, assorted seeds, walnuts

Where can you be found on a Saturday night? Somewhere between Watt 3B and 1020

Historical Hottie: James Franco circa 2009

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  1. Anonymous

    You two are more than welcome to sit on my face

  2. Jean De Berg Enthusiast

    Is the pairing of these two together in one personal a reference to the classic French erotic novel L'Image?

  3. leslie knope

    claire and anna, you beautiful tropical fish!

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