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Big Sean

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Today the Bacchanal committee announced this year’s spring concert headliner will be Big Sean. Compared to last year’s headliner, a Lupe Fiasco, Big Sean brings a more current vibe to the concert having just dropped a new album called Dark Sky Paradise this past February in addition to his array of previous hit$. Big Sean will be joined on stage by artists Raury and Brenmar. As previously announced this month, student acts Liberty Styles and Trill Mah, both CC ’17, will open the concert on Saturday, April 4, 2015. This year’s concert theme will be “I Don’t Bacch With You.”

Bacchanal also announced that this year’s concert will require students to pay a starting $7 ticket fee. Students will be able to begin purchasing tickets on Monday, March 9, at 8 AM. This is the first time that Bacchanal has charged students for the concert, a fact we’re investigating. Only Columbia students will be able to purchase tickets, and all students will be limited to buying one student ticket and one guest ticket while tickets last.

Another first for Bacchanal this year will be the Lion Tamers, or students who will monitor the concert in support of students after previous allegations of the concert being an unsafe environment. Regardless of the changes, this year’s Bacchanal acts are a pleasant surprise compared to last year’s has-been performance.

Find the full announcement from Bacchanal below.

Dear Undergraduate Columbia Students,

The Bacchanal executive board is excited to announce the lineup for this year’s Spring Concert, “I Don’t Bacch With You!” that will take place on Saturday, April 4, 2015 at Low Plaza. Starting from 8am on Monday, March 9, students can purchase tickets for the main event starring the current #1 Album holder, Big Sean, one of the fastest growing genre-blending artists, Raury, and the new voice in the electronic-hip-hop fusion scene, Brenmar. In addition, our lineup will feature the two winners of Bacchanal Battle of the Bands 2015, Liberty Styles and Trill Mah.

The executive board this year has worked tirelessly with administrators to add additional safety measures to this year’s concert to ensure that everyone has a safe, stress-free, and fun Bacchanal experience. This year, only students from the four undergraduate schools at Columbia University (Barnard College, Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, and the School of General Studies) will be allowed to purchase tickets as well as a very limited number of guest tickets as outlined on the Eventbrite page. Please note, CUID/BCIDs will still be required when obtaining wristbands at distribution on the morning of, and when entering the event grounds. Each undergraduate student will only be allowed to purchase one ticket and one guest ticket while availability lasts. Please note that there will be no refunds awarded to non-Columbia undergraduates attempting to purchase tickets and Columbia undergraduate students attempting to purchase multiple tickets.


March 9 to March 23 – $7
March 23 to March 29 – $10
March 30 to April 2 – $15
Guest tickets March 23 (Time TBD) – $20
*After April 2 at noon, no tickets will be available.
*Additionally, all ticket sales are while supplies last. We encourage you purchase yours as soon as possible.

Please add our Snapchat @bacchanalsnaps and check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date news and email us at if you have any unanswered questions.


The 2014-2015 Bacchanal Executive Board

Co-President – Benjamin Kornick
Co-President – Mare Sydney
Concert Chair – Gil Feig
Concert Chair – Charles Yolen
Treasurer – Jared Weiss
Secretary – Michael Cuby
Publicity Chair – Madeline Kim
Outreach Chair – John Lee

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  1. hmmmm  

    Look guys I love hip-hop but could we do something a little more interesting? I'm sure this will be fun but you know... Kendrick maybe???? or Chance? Or Gambino?

  2. Sure!  

    Let's get right on it!

  3. Sure!  

    Let's get right on that!

  4. What

    What the fuck we have to buy tickets this year. Is this a fucking joke. If I wanted to buy a fucking ticket to a concert I would just go downtown and go to a concert what the fucking fuck

    • sup  

      Alright cool, guess we won't be seeing you this year!

    • It's catchier than their theme  


      • yung  

        bruh it's $7. lol do a business study

        • It's not just $7  

          Stop assuming that $7 is "not a big deal." For some people it is. They should have warned us about this way more than a month in advance. A lot of people thought they were going to a free concert.

          • Anonymous  

            Sorry. There is not one person at Columbia who can't spare seven dollars for a single fun day out.

            College is very expensive, and many people here certainly do have a tough time affording tuition, their books, their housing, and whatever else. But suggesting seven dollars is a problem is like suggesting that someone can't buy Ramen noodles instead of a sandwich for dinner one day. There is nobody that financially constrained who is attending college in New York. Please get your head out your ass.

            Of course ideally it would be free. I'm not arguing that charging money is a good idea necessarily, but it doesn't rule out going for anyone.

          • True  

            Yeah, as someone with a complicated financial aid package, I can attest that I can't afford to go to Bacchanal this year, which sucks. I can't afford to eat lunch while I'm at school anyways, and I'm not willing to skip another few meals that week and feel like shit, sooo I'm a little upset by this

      • aye  

        it's not even about #BoycottBachannal, it's about boycotting the administration...... i mean the students of color//marginalized students have been telling yall this all year, but yall don't wanna listen...

      • Ty Dolla $ign  


        • Anonymous  

          This IS fucked up, because CC students (not sure about BC, GS, or SEAS) pay Student Life fees. Which go toward student events. Including Bacchanal. This coupled with (or maybe because) Student Life wasted $50,000 of student fees for the Fall Bacchanal that never happened is them extorting money out of students. So yeah, I guess just don't go if you can't afford it or don't want to shell out money for something that you've technically already paid for. I certainly won't.

  5. whut  

    "while supplies last"

  6. Trey Songz

    wtf is this shit

  7. !??!?!?!?

    ok so we have to buy tickets then line up day of to get wristbands? sounds like a clusterfuck waiting to happen

  8. Anonymous  

    Pretty sure there are much more than 4,000 people across the 4 undergrad schools, it would suck if some people can't get tickets

    • Anonymous  

      Yes, and some of those tickets are gonna go to waste bc you KNOW there will be people who'll be too drunk that day to make it to the actual concert. ugh

    • Correct

      There are approximately 10,500 students between the four different undergrad schools meaning the majority of students who "could" attend won't be able to PAY for tickets to an event that is funded by their student life fees. This is unacceptable. If we're going to pay on top of what we already do for the same caliber of artist we always get, it should be moved to a venue that we can all actually attend.

  9. whyyyy  

    i'm pretty sure that i've never heard of any other college requiring students to pay for tickets for the spring concert... and most other schools get much better acts than columbia. we pay an insanely ridiculous amount of money to go to this school (that includes a hefty student life fee, might i add), yet they expect us to shell out for actual student life events. just another way that columbia administration consistently shows that they do not give a fuck about the undergraduate student body...

    • Anonymous

      That's not true, most of the other ivies charge for their spring tickets. Brown charges per day (they have a three day spring weekend)-which is why they have had acts like chance and diplo.

    • IDFWU  

      Actually a majority of schools with decent artists for their spring concerts require their students to pay. Last year people were bitching about the quality of our headliner and the reason was because Columbia wasn't charging students at all. A huge amount of people said they were willing to pay a few dollars to get better acts in the future, and regardless of whether or not you're a fan of Big Sean, in terms of brand, this is definitely a "bigger" act than Lupe Fiasco.

      • Anon

        I think the bigger issue with this is that *some* people said they would pay a few extra dollars to pull in a bigger headliner, but that the few extra dollars that we have to pay this year are *not* for that...

    • An_Eph

      I'm a student at Williams College. We're not an Ivy, but we're pretty wealthy as far as small liberal arts colleges go. I believe we have been required to pay somewhere in the range of $15 each year for our spring concert, which is common among peer schools.

      Here's the thing: for many students on campus, $7 or $15 is not an issue. I'm on close to full financial aid, but I still don't complain. I have a campus job and work during the summers specifically so I can pay for things like this. That being said, I recognize I'm far more privileged than many of my peers in terms of my financial resources. Williams FinAid offers a fund (I've never used it, but it exists) specifically for things like this. If there's a social experience with a small cost that students really want to participate in but genuinely can't afford, our FinAid office can provide funding on a case-by-case basis.

      Charging for things at a school with a lot of rich kids isn't bad. It makes sense. There just needs to be a safety net in place so that students with legitimate financial roadblocks aren't impeded from having the same experience as anyone else. That safety net doesn't have to (nor should it) come from the concert organizers. It should come from Financial Aid.

  10. A Plan  

    1) Use your trust fund money to buy a couple thousand Bacchanal tickets as soon as you can
    2) Watch as hundreds of horrified students are unable to get their tickets
    3) Wait until April
    4) Scalp tickets to students for 20 bucks apiece
    5) ???
    6) Profit!

  11. Let the Hunger Games begin..  

    there are over 10,000 undergraduate students (CC, SEAS, Barnard, GS) and only 4,000 tickets available...

  12. Hajj also  

    doesnt $63,000 of tution cover a school concert?? Shit is absurd

    • Anonymous

      This is an event put on by the students and has nothing to do with your tuition dollars. Columbia never guaranteed you free concert tickets. Grow up. (However may discount tickets are available in Lerner.)

      • Anonymous  

        We don't pay student life fees just so they can make us pay for literally the only student life even anyone cares about. Also, the fact that we have never once paid for this before and weren't told we'd have to pay for it further in advance sort of does mean that we were guaranteed free tickets, or at least it seemed like it.

  13. Hajj also  

    Ben Kornick should be fired for being inept.

    • calm your tits  

      Fire the person who helped get Big Sean and made sure the event wasn't cancelled all together? Yeah, great idea!

    • Seriously  

      Are you for real? Bacchanal probably wouldn't even be happening at all if it weren't for Ben and the rest of the board. Maybe you should blame the administration for canceling fall Bacchanal, losing $50k in the process, and then charging for the spring concert.

    • anonymous  

      let's get some things straight.

      decided by bacchanal committee:
      artist lineup
      charging tickets - bigger name means more expensive artist. remember we got macklewhore before he blew up

      decided by administration:
      lion tamers
      undergrads only

      probably decided by both:
      event date

    • anonymous  

      so yeah fuck him for making us pay so he could book a bigger artist and add it to his resume. no big secret that this guy does it to build his own brand, not for the students. cant speak on the other members of the board.

    • zach  

      smh...ben saved bacchanal and had the foresight to book big sean all the way back in the fall. this shit wouldn't have happened without him. hoe shut the fuck up

  14. what  

    How can there only be 4,000 tickets for this many undergraduate students?

  15. Anonymous

    PENN GETS BIG SEAN FOR FUCKING FREE AND WE PAY???????????????????? Da fuck is this shit, Im bailing on this shit and going to spring fling.

  16. Pete Mangurian  

    Bacha'scuse me...This is BACCHA-BULLSHIT

  17. No Red Tape  

    Just get SWS to pay for it

  18. gender equality  

    And Mare Sydney

  19. GS/JTS

    If you don't manage to get a ticket, don't look at us. We'll all be home watching the Rugrats Passover special. And also having more fun.

  20. CC

    I dont really care about other schools. We go to Columbia and Baccahanal is supposed to be free. Doesnt my 60,000+ a year include student life fees? Plus its disrespectful to increase the price after spring break, some students legitimately don't have the money to spend over night and this was just announced like today.

  21. Student life fees???  


  22. Anonymous  

    who the hell is big sean?

  23. sos  

    did this already sell out??? why can't i buy a ticket??

  24. Disappointed  

    Anyone else think that we were getting an actual lion show when they read lion tamers?

  25. Anonymous


  26. doesn't make sense  

    I'm willing to let the paying for our own tickets thing slide. I feel like because we managed to snag Big Sean to headline for us, we have to put out some money in order to cover having him here. Assume the money is all needed for covering the artists. Fine. That being said:

    1) Why are there only 4,000 tickets available? Considering there are 10,000+ students across the schools and that everyone is allowed a +1, this means the school is planning for 2,000 students to show up to the concert. That's less than the amount of people in a single Columbia Class.
    2) Explain to me the logic of cramming 4,000 drunk-ass people into Van Am Quad to give them all their wristbands in an orderly and sensical fashion. That is a shit show waiting to happen and people are gonna either get rowdy or get hurt.
    3) What is with the guest policy? We're allowed a +1 but that's only if there are tickets left after Spring Break, which considering how little of them there are, they're all gonna get bought up by undergrads. So that basically discourages any guests from attending this concert. Fantastic, no really, that's really....that's great.

    Forget this being unfair, this actually doesn't even make sense. I'm wondering who thought this was a good idea because some of these policies actually seem unsafe, illogical, or both. I'm beyond disappointed in this school. I already skipped straight to livid. This is the most ridiculous news I've heard all week.

    • Anonymous  

      if you go on the eventbrite for bacchanal (i found it through the fb page) it says that guest tickets will only become available after spring break if they still exist.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of what you are saying is not accurate. That is the typical number of people that attend the concert every year, about 3-4 thousand. Many participants in the past have been grad students, law students, NYU students, friends, and others. They will no longer be welcome. It will now oy be for Columbia undergrads only which number about nine thousand.

    • cc15  

      you have terrible grammar

  27. ...  

    not the first time students have had to pay just the first time recently....

  28. IM ANGRY

    ~Inserts comment about how disappointed disgusted I am in the administrators/Bwog/Emma Sulkowitz for having to pay the equivalent of a drink at 1020 for a concert in my backyard*~

    *Please note that this feeling will be discarded the moment Bacchanal arrives, when I will proceed to get shitfaced and pass out before the actual concert like every year

  29. I see you  

    Bacchanal board going HAM in these comments

  30. this sucks, but have no fear!  

    WBAR-B-Q is still gonna be free and open to the public!! Plus there's free food!! (and someone told me it's gonna be awesome this year, just sayin)

  31. Jimmy

    They should impeach everyone on the Bacchanal Executive board for messing this up

  32. Anonymous  

    getting piss drunk in my ec suite > paying for bacchanal and dealing with administration's bullshit

  33. Anonymous  

    it amazes me how genuinely very angry some people get over this lol

  34. Anonymous

    So to the people complaining about the 4,000 people limit, it's apparently due to a fire hazard restriction, since the events are contained on Low Steps and a lot of gates will be closed. Take that as you may.

  35. Anonymous

    I'm wondering where the concert is going to be held exactly. They can't shut down all of campus just to the 4,000 ticket holders, right?

  36. Literally the FIRST THING you check when choosing an event date

    Can someone please explain to me how this ended up being scheduled ON PASSOVER. And ON EASTER WEEKEND. Like who looked at their calendar and thought, when's a good Saturday to have one of the extraordinarily few genuine school-wide (undergraduate, but okay) events? Oh, let's choose the one day that will simultaneously alienate two of our largest on campus demographics!

    I mean I understand we're not a religious institution and that's totally okay, but I am genuinely curious about the logic behind this. I'd pay for a damn ticket if it didn't mean explaining to my parents that I'm not going home for the most significant religious/cultural holiday of the year because I want to go to a concert with my college friends. Seriously I cannot get over how inept the organizers seem right now. Thanks for taking away one of my favorite parts of Spring xoxo bye felicia

    • I wonder how much control the committee had over picking the date. Usually this concert coincides with Days on Campus. Perhaps they wanted to avoid that again and make the concert a little earlier as a result? I'm not sure. But I agree, that was unfortunate scheduling. Even though we're a pretty secular university, I feel like there should still be some consideration of major religious holidays when it comes to planning school-wide events.

      I wonder if this was unavoidable...

    • It's 2015

      and god is dead. Get over it.

    • Anonymous  

      or you could stop believing in your made up gods you n00b


    • Anonymous  

      I think it was because Big Sean was only available for that date. He is going on tour and is around the NYC area around that time. It was more of a 'when is Big Sean available' than 'when are the students at Columbia available'.

  37. Anonymous  

    I feel like the Bacchanal e-Board is like the abusive stepfather who hits their stepkids and expects thanks for not wearing his rings.

  38. Anonymous  

    Alright, I'm not totally against having to pay for the tickets, as most other ivies do it and it can help us get bigger names. However, as there are those that could be burdened by the cost of the tickets, why not make it so that those that receive financial aid of any form can still attend the concert for free?

  39. azealia banks  

    oh cool

  40. NYU Student

    Lineup is too mainstream.

  41. Anonymous

    Okay yeah so rap is cool, yay go rap, but seriously... almost every single year since 2011 has been some kind of rap artist. Snoop, Macklemore (I guess this is where "some kind of" comes in), Lupe, now Big Sean... Only year it wasn't rap it was Big Gigantic and like... what? And all I'm saying is Yale got Jessie J. Kinda tired of Bacchanal always being "that rap concert in the Spring". Variety please?



  43. the real reason they're charging  

    ...are they charging to make sure no one from harlem shows up to the concert????!?!

  44. Ariana Adorer  


  45. Anonymous

    Anyone else trying to buy tickets and the website says no tickets available? Weren't the supposed to be available starting at 8 am?

  46. Anonymous  

    where da tix at

  47. Anonymous  

    Still no tix...

  48. Anonymous

    Lupe is the best to ever spit

  49. charging for bacchannal?

    we should execute the bacchannal board in the guillotine

  50. azealia banks  

    nah its cool i'm busy that day anyway. no worries.

  51. Anonymous

    lol looks like Im not going to bacchanal this year. Next year can we please mix it up with the music - something decent preferably??

  52. Guess I'll have to go home and eat ham/turkey  

    And... all the tickets are gone.

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