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Bwog rn

Bwog rn

Sometimes, Momma Bwog needs to have a little “me-time.” She needs to put on some soft music, light some candles, pull up the Bulgarian erotica, and get to work. For the next week, Momma Bwog is gonna be doin’ her thang, and y’all ain’t invited.

Enjoy this complimentary video from CUSS and see you on the other side.


Spring Break Forecast ’15 from Bwog on Vimeo.

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  1. literally epic  


  2. anon

    This was just not funny sorry CUSS. Bwog weather deserved better

  3. Hey mark  

    When was the last time you were physically intimate with the person who signed you in?

  4. Anonymous  

    phil anastassio: god among men

  5. Anonymous

    Paridaaaaaaa is a goddess

  6. i don't think i'm doing this right

    my hat is in my hands but my ears r still cold

  7. Anonymous

    Didn't know Momma Bwog was a parody of a black woman. Really not cool guys.

  8. Anonymous

    this video gave me life

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