Housing Lottery Numbers Released

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Someone pet us and tell us it’s gonna be okay

Nothing says welcome back from spring break quite like the worst part of the Columbia experience — housing. If you haven’t checked already, your lottery number is ready for grand reveal just in time to brighten up ruin your first Monday back on campus. Approach the Housing Portal with caution, and take sudden breakouts of hysteria all around campus as normal activity. Maybe you just woke up; maybe you’re just leaving class. Either way, your sucky situation is mutual and know that you are about to behold crucial information that will determine where you’ll be living your happiness level for the 2015-2016 academic year.

As usual, Bwog’s prepared for all the coverage you deserve during the worst season of them all, so report back for updates and what your number really means in the grand scheme of Res Life. Simple things to remind yourself as your shaky fingers enter the Housing Portal:

  • Numbers go from 1-3000
  • Lower is better; higher is worse
  • Not every number is used (!)
  • 10 means rising sophomore; 20 means rising junior; 30 means rising senior
  • Groups’ shared point values are averaged based on the above

Godspeed, and may you remain friends with everyone you were going to live with.

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  1. No NO  


  2. umm..  

    my number's not up yet. anyone else?

  3. Rabid for Ruggles

    Take it from someone who's been refreshing for the last hour. The numbers still aren't out as of 11:15...

  4. they're a little late  

    They released numbers by like noon last year. I'm trying to be patient but I'm just getting antsy! It's 12:04, has anyone received their numbers yet?

  5. Anonymous  

    Lol great coverage by Bwog. They don't even know what's going on. Spectrum received a comment from a staff member from Columbia Housing saying numbers won't be released until 1:30 pm.

  6. anon  

    Numbers are up now. Good luck everyone.

  7. an  

    When does the pdf list of all numbers usually come out?

  8. Harmony Hunter

    Is anyone fixing to have extra commencement tickets?

  9. Le sigh...  

    Hooray, I'm not on the last page of the pdf they publish. I'm only on the 9th to last page this year!

    Seriously housing, isn't is possible to program the lotto number thing so that people who were at the end are somewhat in the middle this year? From 2980 to 2780 isn't much of an improvement...

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