Buy A Meal Plan And Eat, Too

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Wheeee! Flex dollars!

Wow! “Free” money!

Columbia will be offering FLEX dollars to qualifying CC and SEAS students over Thanksgiving break, in order to purchase food while the dining halls are closed. Apply by this Thursday at 6 p.m. using this form.

The application form asks you to confirm you are a recipient of Columbia grant funds, on a Columbia meal plan, and are remaining on campus over the Thanksgiving break because you “have no alternative housing options and will be unable to cover food costs while campus dining facilities are closed.” The form also asks you to indicate which days you will be on campus.

The Office of Financial Aid notes, “Though primarily intended as a fund for unanticipated emergency needs, the Assistance Fund in this instance has been extended to support those students for whom purchasing meals over Thanksgiving break would represent a significant financial hardship.” Thanks for being so thoughtful, Columbia!

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    Avenge Arnold Collery and annoy Bobhead Cooper and that interior decorator Mary Bimboyce by putting an Arby's in the Mudd fourth floor lobby

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