Tarps, Where Art Thou?

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The fate that awaits us in the very near future

The fate that awaits us in the very near future

Ah, our lawns. Our beautiful, green, collegiate, bourgeois lawns. Always there for us, whether it stays locked and serves as eye candy (that’s shade to you, Hamilton lawn) or provides our butts with quality cushioning and free space. But what freshman might not know is that every winter, the administration covers these fields of glory with plastic drapes to protect the flora against the harsh weather conditions.

This brings us to the question of the hour: When will those depressing-ass tarps cover our beautiful lawns?  In the past, Bwog has been committed to tarp-coverage, consistently checking in with the conditions of the lawn. But this year is different – as we’ve said, students have been treated to a longer-than-usual tarp-free season, making the promise of the tarp-laden grass even more sobering. What’s more is that we have to live with the constant anxiety of waking up every day knowing that this might be our last seasonly glimpse of that heavenly green.

So, consider this an official call-out post. We’re tired of the suspense. We’re done with the anxiety. We know you’re going take our green away from us, Columbia, and we want you to put us out of our misery as soon as possible. Just… get the job done.

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  1. Anonymous

    They put the tarps out when the temperature is consistently below 32. Manhattan has not hit a low of 32 degrees yet this season.

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