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To our readers: it’s been a minute since the academic year began, but you have finally made it to the (halfway) finish. Congratulations! I thank you for standing by us this semester. Though these past four months have been seemingly mild, I appreciate your loyal readership nonetheless.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address a notable change moving forward. Bwog has decided that it is in our best interest to sever all ties with the Columbia University (No Budget) Sketch Show. We commend all the hard work Anna and Michael have put into CUSS (and the former Bwog Video), but believe it is in both our best interests to go on as separate entities. We look forward to all CUSS has to offer in the new year.

Take this time to recuperate after a taxing semester — you deserve it. Whether that be milling around Medford, diving through Dover (with your woes), or oxidizing in Omaha, enjoy this special time with your family, do something you love, and be well. And of course, feel free to tip any of your thoughts over the next four weeks to

See you in 2016.

Mason Amelotte, Editor-in-Chief



  1. but why

    CUSS was the only good thing left on bwog...


  2. Um yea

    Mason you royally screwed up. Good luck, you'll need it.

  3. soo.....

    so two people in CUSS diss Bwog's web design at orgo night (verbally, not online)

    mason EIC overhears, calls em out, gets pissed, and decides to delete CUSS's Vimeo account and ALL THE VIDEOS in 3AM email

    that why CUSS + Bwog have "severed ties"


  4. New change in cuss

    Cuss has a new tag line: #FireMason always knew Mason was a twat but this is taking it to a whole new level.

  5. alum

    this "Mason Amelotte" is an editor in chief and doesn't know how to creatively handle freedom of speech when it hurts Bwog's feelings? You're practically rolling over to Spec. Not a good sign of what's to come from Bwog's new staff.

  6. #downwithmason

    bye felicia

  7. STOP with the Mason hate  

    Mason is a great great EIC and it's unfair to call him such names. He's been nothing but a blessing to the campus journalism which is in dire need of people like him who can take tough calls.

    Cuss was a shit show any way. Sure they lost ALL their work which Bwog deleted off it's Vimeo. Seems excessive? If it does, that's why you are too soft to hold a position like Bwog Eic which Mason does.

    Mason, you don't know me but I'm such a fan! #MasonIsTheMan

  8. Mason is king!  

    Agreed^ Mason is the man, and is the best thing that has happened to campus journalism in a long time. Go Mason! Fuck Cuss

    • Anon

      Tracking comments exists for a reason. Also, Mason, really low of you.

    • TRACKED  

      have u heard of tracking?
      also "best thing to happen to campus journalism" LOL! he's been EIC for like a week and the only thing he's done is completely erase content that featured people before his time. all bc 2 people hurt his feelings. rotfl!!!!!! Mason, I only wish I could have seen your face when your petty 3AM email was leaked to all of the blue and white.

  9. CC '87  

    I agree with both of the commenters above. This bright young man seems all set to be one of those who'll change the world. His leadership and his bravery are impressive. He has changed my perception of Bwog completely which wasn't this good during my time. People need to stop complaining about small things


    who the fuck do you think you are? Is this middle school? IS this how you were RAISED?
    how do you sleep at night though, seriously. Because I'm at a loss.

    do you have any idea how much work, sweat and tears went into CUSS??? And you're gonna destroy/sabotage the entire thing like that because you're butthurt over the comments of two affiliate members?

  11. You're just sad Mason

    Wow Mason, this is just pathetic. Making desperate comments on your post in a failed attempt to make it seem like you have support for something that was obviously unwarranted and unprofessional. You look like a fool. Stop embarrassing yourself. CUSS works incredibly hard on their videos and your cry-baby attitude does nothing to build up your reputation or BWOG's. If anything, you've just proved why people who disparage BWOG regularly are right.

  12. Huh??

    So confused. Did you actually delete a year's worth of videos because you were hurt by disparaging comments about Bwog's *web design*? If I call you up every night and whisper softly that the Bwog website is beautiful will you put the videos back up?

    (P.S. speaking of your web design: the FEATURES menu still has CUSS as an option but it now takes you to posts about CCSC. So close, Bwog, so close!)

    And no, I am not part of CUSS (or CCSC).

  13. the darkest timeline  

    this is truly the darkest era of bwog. Mason, what you did is so wrong on so many levels and you should resign as EIC. how are people supposed to trust you/bwog/blue&white after this? I'm surprised you haven't started deleting all the comments that you don't like.

  14. Concerned Student

    Stuff like this is why I stopped reading Bwog and started reading The Lion and Spec more.





    it's the only thing you that can possibly be done at this stage.

  16. but

    the videos weren't actually deleted? check b@b...





  18. to be fair, mason

    to be fair mason, you only proved those two cuss ppl right

    do the right thing and resign no one wants u

  19. This egomaniac child

    should resign immediately. He has proven that he has NO place holding ANY position of power, let alone editor in chief of bwog. His actions were rash, unprofessional, extremely childish, and borderline psychotic. He clearly has a lot of personal issues, insecurities, and shortcomings he needs to work through before he can be trusted to "lead" anything.

    Learn some manners. Have some tact.

  20. Idiots

    The videos weren't deleted. They were handed over to CUSS.

  21. Anonymous

    Still not as bad of an editor in chief as Taylor Grasdalen. Until he ruins the life of some poor innocent over a false rape accusation it's not even close. Not fair to hate an entire gender because they don't find you appealing. its a low bar, but so long as Mason doesn't incite a witch hunt and foster bloodlust for the innocent, he's a step-up.

  22. your local twitter homosexual

    the track feature is free hunty

  23. Anonymous

    Bwog and spec have deteriorated into just loud activists in the minority spewing their one sided propaganda against all free speech and any other opinions that don't agree with them.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. A thousand times yes. Same fate befell the NYT but fortunately not the Wall Street journal. My theory is that the type of people who are interested in journalism are often fascist leftists with liberal arts educations and therefore lacking in rationality. Wall Street journal, however, has writers from disciplines that aren't entirely fluff to ensure they have domain expertise. Therefore wsj has some rational minds whereas NYT spec and bwog garbage is full of liberal fascists

    • Anonymous

      alum here. all of my columbia peers are disgustingly successful regardless of their gpa. focus more on career development than grades.

      • another alumnus

        Successful doesn't answer the question. You can be successful and dumb.

      • Anonymous

        unsuccessful alum who focused on their classes instead of career development here.

        my life is a cesspool of despair.

        • Anonymous

          You're not trying hard enough to find a gig or you chose an irrelevant major and wasted your money. Go to one of those jenk-ass code schools to become a mobile app developer and make 150k or apply to a shitty finance firm and work your way up to more legit ones. Or law school. Probably law school is your best option since even some of my dumbest friends got into Harvard and Yale law. that aside, the Columbia brand is much better than I thought it was. I look at my LinkedIn and am continually depressed seeing all my classmates in private equity (even black stone), McKinsey, Harvard law, top investment banks, and a few at hedge funds. Half of these crazy successful people were my year and I never even knew they existed.

          • WTF?

            The smartest people I have ever met at Columbia (in my life, actually) have gotten rejected from Harvard and Yale Law School, so I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

            Yale Law takes the best applications from all over the world and only enrolls about 200. Also, anybody who's taken the LSAT will tell you how difficult it is to even break 170 out of 180.

            Agree that the Columbia brand is extremely beneficial, though.

          • Anonymous

            replying to WTF.

            Law school admission has gotten really easy. Applications are at record lows since the job market was fcked for a while. I know plenty of people at HLS who partied their asses off while at Columbia. Yale Law School on the other hand... well, they are particular about who they admit. They seem to like people with interesting but not necessarily impressive backgrounds. You have to have a good gpa, but you can major in something bullshit like poli sci and then all you need is a year of studying for the > 174 LSAT score. It's not hard if you take things one step at a time.

          • LOL just sit down

            It is true that law school applications WERE at record lows; however, law schools at Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, etc. were barely affected. (There was one year in which the average LSAT score at Columbia decreased by 1-2 points, but it went back up to normal levels next cycle.) You clearly are not pre-law and have no experience with law school applications if you think law schools admissions has gotten "really easy."

            I'm going to have to call BS on you knowing "plenty of people" who partied their asses off and got into Harvard Law School. Seriously, I'm not going to waste my time contesting your useless anecdotal "evidence" (or whatever you want to call it). I am pre-law myself with many friends at Harvard and Yale Law; the LEAST qualified person I know graduated magna cum laude from Columbia (~3.9 GPA) and had a 99th percentile LSAT score. It goes without saying that this individual was very intelligent and diligent.

            You think Yale Law takes interesting but not necessarily "impressive" candidates? LOL Their *MEDIAN* GPA is over 3.9, and their students have the highest LSAT scores in the nation. Enough of the baseless and unsupported BS.

          • Anonymous

            bitch, why you getting so salty? You can reapply or transfer. Also, I formed my opinion from personal experience. I applied and was accepted into HLS but was rejected from YLS. I had a mediocre GPA at Columbia but had work experience from a top company and a high LSAT score. My GPA was crap because I decided to major in an actually demanding field (hence how I got the job), and did comparatively well on the LSAT since most pre-law students are dumb as fuck. I didn't end up going to HLS because I got a promotion so maybe you can take my spot.

          • LOL stop trying so hard

            LOL, Anonymous. Just stop, you're getting desperate and you're embarrassing yourself. It's getting pitiful.

            Any pre-law student could literally see through your BS in an instant. You obviously don't know shit about the process, and need to shut up promptly. Hahaha. What a loser.

          • LMAO  

            loooool yeah you TOTALLY got into Harvard Law School... stop lying loser

  24. Annoyed

    Honesty, just done with all of this. Going to read The Lion instead of dealing with the mess that is Bwog.

  25. current bwog

    Mason you should really step down as EIC.

  26. Anonymous

    love how this is the most commented post on bwog all year and its all about how bwog sucks.

  27. CC 16  

    90% of the people posting the negative posts are CUSS members.

    • Anonymous  

      Even if that were true (and it isn't), it is telling that the majority of the pro-EIC stuff is astroturfing by one editor who doesn't understand how the track function on his own website works.

      As for me, I'm not in CUSS. I barely look at their stuff most of the time. I just cruised in to see what bwog's up to since break. ("Hey, y'all what's... oh my god!")

  28. the email

    Hi CUSS,

    It is under unfortunate circumstances that I write you this email. Earlier tonight in Butler 209, a member of the old Bwog board and I were waiting for Orgo Night to begin, when another friend pointed out the two members of CUSS next to us vocally ridiculing Bwog. Ankeet Ball and Lara Karaaslan, despite full knowledge of a former Bwog editor standing immediately next to them, made it a point to disparage our website to our faces, in detail. The former Bwog editor asked for Ankeet and Lara’s respect on behalf of CUSS towards their partner organization, at which point Ankeet continued to devalue our site’s content and design. Once Ankeet began to condemn the editorial board, I stepped in and introduced myself as current Editor in Chief of Bwog. Despite my thanking Ankeet and Lara for their constructive criticisms, they continued to disparage our organization as a whole. I ended the conversation by asking Lara and Ankeet whether or not they wanted Bwog to continue to host CUSS videos on our site.

    However, as Editor in Chief of Bwog, I am in a position that entitles me full right to make that decision myself. As your partner organization, Bwog expected mutual respect from CUSS, though because this is clearly no longer the case, we have chosen to sever all ties from your group.

    Effective immediately, CUSS will no longer have access to Bwog Vimeo premium, which is owned, operated, and financed by Blue and White Publishing Inc. As the owner of the site, Bwog retains the full right to do with the videos as it may please, which will most likely result in their removal from internet. Every member of CUSS has been removed from the listserv, and Anna has been removed from our masthead as Video Editor. Finally, we will also remove every post from our site and social media accounts that features CUSS-related content.

    Moving forward, Bwog as an entity will no longer be affiliated with the Columbia University (No Budget) Sketch Show. We ask that you please remove every affiliation with Bwog from your social media accounts, including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram. This also means that because Bwog has the rights to every video previously produced by CUSS, any alteration, reproduction, or republication of those videos, in any manner, would violate copyright law. In the event you choose not to comply with any of the aforementioned, we will be forced to take legal action against your organization.

    I am available to speak in person with anyone who would like to do so.


  29. About TRACK

    tbh ive wondered for awhile if it works properly, any thoughts?

    like friends and i have sat together and tried to post on same article and got tracked as same person despite being on diff devices. anyone wana explain? is it like, because of location? I thought it was IP, but id assume tht devices would have diff IPs, although one was an Ipad and the other was a phone so they werent laptops for whatever thats worth. v confusing.

  30. oh gee

    imagine if this imbecile were, say, President of the United States

    President Amelotte: "I heard Kate Middleton didn't like my tie, so I decided to cut all ties with Great Britain and wipe the entire country off the face of the earth!!! By the way I'm a great leader!! USA out!!"

    Congrats on destroying the one last scrap of relevance Bwog had, you utter fool.

  31. Anonymous

    bring back svokos


  32. LOL


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