To our readers: it’s been a minute since the academic year began, but you have finally made it to the (halfway) finish. Congratulations! I thank you for standing by us this semester. Though these past four months have been seemingly mild, I appreciate your loyal readership nonetheless.

I would also like to take this opportunity to address a notable change moving forward. Bwog has decided that it is in our best interest to sever all ties with the Columbia University (No Budget) Sketch Show. We commend all the hard work Anna and Michael have put into CUSS (and the former Bwog Video), but believe it is in both our best interests to go on as separate entities. We look forward to all CUSS has to offer in the new year.

Take this time to recuperate after a taxing semester — you deserve it. Whether that be milling around Medford, diving through Dover (with your woes), or oxidizing in Omaha, enjoy this special time with your family, do something you love, and be well. And of course, feel free to tip any of your thoughts over the next four weeks to

See you in 2016.

Mason Amelotte, Editor-in-Chief