DivestGate: An Update On The CDCJ Occupation Of Low Library

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Poster outside Low.

If you go to Low Steps right now you might see people in suits walk up to the entrance of the building, then turn around growling in frustration when they realize that protesters have caused the building to be locked down.

This lockdown is part of CDCJ’s  protest in support of fossil fuel divestment, which began last night.

Here’s what you need to know:

Around 4:00pm yesterday afternoon, two dozen members of Columbia Divest for Climate Justice (CDCJ) began sitting, chanting, and marching outside President Bollinger’s office in Low, demanding he support fossil fuel divestment.

Sixteen activists spent the night in Low. This morning, Public Safety sealed off the building (around 10:30 am, according to Caroline Lee, CC ’18), refusing to allow inside any person who doesn’t work there.

The protestors, now inside President Bollinger’s office, have food they brought last night, but it is unclear whether Public Safety is allowing more food to be brought in (they were allegedly refusing to do so last night).

PrezBo when he found out CDCJ infiltrated his office

PrezBo when he found out CDCJ infiltrated his office

A group of Rules of Conduct delegates have told the activists they may be in violation of the Rules of Conduct. Some CDCJ members are already being investigated over a previous alleged rules violation. It is possible to be charged with the same violation twice. CDCJ’s advisor Peter Cernecka has met with the President’s office, Goldberg’s office, and the Provost’s office.

Around ten CDCJ members are sitting outside of Low in support. CDCJ has created an online form that students can use to send an email to PrezBo in support of their action, demanding fossil fuel divestment.

The club is staging another protest on Low Steps this afternoon, at 1:30 pm, to rally more support. See the Facebook event here. For more information regarding CDCJ’s act of civil disobedience, check out their video explanation.

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  1. Anonymous  

    Lots of typos here...

  2. Anonymous

    So basically they are going to harass, terrorize and disrupt people until they get their way, without any input for anybody else. Does anyone have a problem with this?They sound like isis.

  3. Anonymous

    A few things wrong with this article.

    Your estimates of numbers are deflated to make this seem smaller than it is, you say activists locked down the building when in fact it was the administration,and you did a completely inadequate job on following up on the verdict for the previous infractions.

    Think about the fact that BWOG rose to prominence for good reporting on the minutemen protests.

    It took you until 1PM the following day to provide "Breaking News." You're a fucking blog, you're supposed to be agile.

    Spec has better protest coverage than BWOG right now. That is a ridiculous statement.

    Fucking administrative shills.

    To previous commenter saying CDCJ = ISIS...
    Are you fucking kidding me?
    You realize the majority of people on campus support this right?
    This is happening because the administration doesn't care about student's opinions unless you force them to.
    ISIS??????!!!!! REALLY?????!!!
    You know BP hires death squads to murder activists right?!?!?

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